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Í So What If I'm Broken Í Sometimes it feels like my mind is on a treadmill and i m trying to reach the stop button but i can t and with every second that passes i feel like i m about to fall of [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿ Æ So What If I'm Broken Æ Ich gebe zu, dass meine Freude schon vor Beginn des Buches ein wenig getr bt war, da ich gerade erst ein Buch der Autorin beendet habe, was mir wieder mal nicht gefallen hat Ich wollte ihr mit diesem Buch eine letzte Chance geben Anna McPartlin ê Ich habe 102 Seiten durchgehalten, auf denen wieder mal kaum was passiert, auch wenn ich nicht sagen kann, dass das Buch schlecht ist, habe ich es nun abgebrochen Ich habe keine Lust mich wieder durch 400 Seiten zu qu len, in denen nicht passiert und die eigentliche Geschichte nach der H lfte erz hlt sein k nnte Auch auf den 100 gelesenen Seiten wurden wieder allerlei Nebens chlichkeiten der unterschiedlichen Charaktere beschrieben Zudem scheint die Autorin gerne eine Vielzahl an Personen in ihre Geschichten einzubauen Anna McPartlin ê Meine Lesebegegnungen mit Anna McPartlin erkl re ich hiermit f r beendet Anna McPartlin ê [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿ Once, Jane Moore And Alexandra Walsh Were Inseparable, Sharing Secrets And Stolen Candy, Plotting Their Futures Together But When Jane Became Pregnant At Seventeen, They Drifted Slowly Apart Jane Has Spent The Years Since Raising Her Son, Now Seventeen Himself, On Her Own, Running A Gallery, Managing Her Sister S Art Career, And Looking After Their Volatile Mother All The While Trying Not To Resent The Limited Choices Life Has Given Her Then A Quirk Of Fate And A Faulty Elevator Bring Jane Into Contact With Tom, Alexandra S Husband, Who Has Some Shocking News Alexandra Disappeared From A South Dublin Suburb Months Ago, And Tom Has Been Searching Fruitlessly For Her Jane Offers To Help, As Do The Elevator S Other PassengersJane S Brilliant But Self Absorbed Sister, Elle, And Leslie Sheehan, A Reclusive Web Designer Who S Ready To Step Back Into The World Again And As Jane Quickly Realizes, Tom Isn T The Only One Among Them Who S Looking For Something Or Traveling Toward Unexpected Revelations About Love, Life, And What It Means To Let Go, In Every Sense Ý So What If I'm Broken Ý Anna McPartlin conhecida por escrever livros de leitura flu da, mas que nos possibilitam uma reflex o sobre v rios pormenores mais s rios Este n o foge regra e digamos que o livro da autora com uma abordagem mais s ria que li Isto porque se debru a, principalmente, sobre o desaparecimento N o falo do desaparecimento a que todos, mais dia menos dia, estaremos votados Falo, sim, do desaparecimento sem rasto, do algu m sair de casa e haver a inc gnita Onde estarA partir de um tema que, por si, j delicado, ficamos a par da capacidade de uni o, amizade e afins, quando a tormenta passa por algu m que nos pr ximo Isto tudo numa linguagem acess vel, flu da, por m com subst ncia Por isso, acho que a capa deste livro n o lhe abonat ria Demasiados floreados, um t tulo t pico Chick Lit, quando aqui h muito pouco disso pena que esta obra [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿ ¾ So What If I'm Broken ¾ I really liked this book The title would suggest that it is about Alexandra, and it is to an extent But the real story involves the other characters and what they go through while trying to find Alexandra Really the character Alexandra is just a catalyst to pull all of the other characters together Not to say that Alexandra isn t part of the plot, because the entire book revolves around finding her, but she s not part of the main stories This book reminded me a bit of a Maeve Binchy novel Even before I read the author bio, and realized that McPartlin also lives in Ireland I guess it s a similarity in Irish authors, but luckily Maeve Binchy is one of my favorite authors so being similar to one of her books is a good thing at least in my opinion The writing is similar and [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿ Ò So What If I'm Broken Ò Alexandra, Goneby Anna McPartlin opens with the disappearance of Alexandra one afternoon in Dublin The reader knows little about her but witnesses her disappearance and the subsequent devastation of her husband, Tom, and her family as they desperately hold out hope that she will be found healthy and safe While looking for Alexandra, Tom has a chance meeting in a broken elevator with Leslie, Elle and Elle s sister, Jane The four soon band together in the search for Alexandra and through that process come to know each other and to share their personal tragedies Anna McPartlin ✓ Each of the four main characters has their own storyline Jane is raising her teenage son alone but still loves her son s father, her teenage sweetheart She is the matriarch of her family and takes responsibility for not only her sister Elle s career but the rest of life too she manages her m [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿ ☆ So What If I'm Broken ☆ Gosto muito desta autora, os seus livros s o sempre muito emotivos Anna McPartlin ✓ Mais um livro com diferentes personagens, cada uma com um problema , e as suas maneiras de os superarem Anna McPartlin ✓ Tudo come a com o desaparecimento de Alexandra, Tom o seu marido tenta encontra la desesperadamente, nessa procura por um mero acaso encontra Jane, uma amiga de inf ncia de Alexandra, a qual n o a via a dezassete anos, desde que ainda adolescente engravidou Anna McPartlin ✓ Jane al m de criar o seu filho, tem que ajudar a sua irm Elle, que tem uma maneira ca tica de viver, e ainda a sua m e Rose, que vive na cave da sua casa e tem um problema de alcoolismo Anna McPartlin ✓ Leslie junta se a estes na procura de Alexandra , mas Leslie tamb m tem um verdadeiro drama pessoal, portadora do mesmo gene que matou toda a sua fam lia , cancro Anna McPartlin ✓ E com esta dram ticas hist rias que este livro cativou me, e ainda assi [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿

Õ So What If I'm Broken Õ Once Jane and Alexandra were inseparable sharing adventures, secrets and big dreams for the future But when Jane got pregnant at seventeen, they drifted apart Seventeen years later, Jane discovers Alexandra has disappeared and she sets about helping Alexandra s broken hearted husband, Tom, to find his wife But in searching for Alexandra Jane is about to confront some big questions about herself Like, what happened to the high spirited seventeen year old she once was What will happen if she stops trying to control the world And does love really mean letting people go Two fractured people come together accidentally and in one another they find strength, friendship and even the beginnings of hope Please note that this book is also titled So What If I m Broken and Alexandra, Gone When I read Anna McPartlin s debut novel Pack up the Moon earlier this year I was so thankful that I had sp [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿ ☆ So What If I'm Broken ☆ Blah So glad to be done with this one I only finished it because I wanted to see what would happen It was by an Irish writerabout a woman who disappears and various people who are trying to find herI didn t particularly like the characters most of them didn t seem to have any morals and in fact I didn t feel as if I really got to understand them at any rate The writing was just not very strong Anna McPartlin Ë This novel is a classic example of telling rather than showing And even though I love music, the Jack Lukeman theme felt completely forced and hollow Wish I hadn t wasted my time on this one Anna McPartlin Ë Anna McPartlin Ë , [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿ So What If I'm Broken ☆ Anna McPartlin is an author I can count on to give me what I want, characters I can love with real problems, stories that can be sad and aren t always perfect, but some humor and laughter along the ride I have read her other books and have loved them all, consuming them quickly even when there were things I told myself I d get done before I continued Alexandra Gone is no exception Jane cares for everyone except herself, Elle straddles the line between being ridiculously selfish and having emotional illness, Tom is likable even when he s doing things that are wrong, and Leslie is so relatable Is that a word Maybe not as a person hiding from her life that you can t help but love them along with all of the other secondary characters Anna McPartlin ✓ The book starts out with us missing Alexa [ Pdf So What If I'm Broken ☆ gothic PDF ] by Anna McPartlin ¿

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