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Frances, A Manager For A Large Corporation, Appears To Be Very Successful But Frances Finds Her Piece Of Mind Unravelling As She Becomes Overwhelmed By The Destructive Bureaucratic Nature Of The Work World She Lives In Frances Starts To Lose Small Body Parts, Hears Mysterious Leider Music Booming Throughout Her Workplace At Random Times During The Day, And Obsesses Over The Caymans That Guard Her Office Building Meanwhile, Her Alter Ego Has Regular Conversations With The Ghost Of Kafka, Who Is Writing The Manuscript Which Frances Appears In Written Halfway Between Poetry And Prose, Paper Trail Questions The Rat Race Work Ethic Many Of Us Adhere To, Often Out Of Necessity Than Choice Through The Thoughts And Deeds Of Frances And Her Alter Ego, Author Arleen Pareacute Demonstrates The Stress And Loneliness Of Modern Society, And The Profound Impact This Can Have On A Person S Sanity ↠´ Paper Trail (Nunatak First Fiction) ↠´ In Arleen Par s first book, Paper Trail, published by NeWest Press, she examines the everyday ritual of people dreaming themselves into and out of working Nearing the end of her long career, a sentence, in the public service, Par dissects the surreal and all too real aspects of life in the office Arleen Paré ↠´ The book is a series of fleeting or consuming observations, memories, thoughts and mental schedules that flow into each other like the days of the week Par leads us through her inner files, a briefcase filled with poetry, poetic prose, memoir and fiction She records the misconceptions about work, both inside and outside of the office, in relation to who we are There are sections of her book that focus on the social graces of work life and the unwritten code of fitting in, and using appropriate, airy topics for conversations with colleagues Arleen Paré ↠´ There are dense pages and white spaces, like work and [Arleen Paré] · Paper Trail (Nunatak First Fiction) [rock-n-roll PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö

Paper Trail (Nunatak First Fiction) Ö I have had this book on my shelf for 10 years Even signed by the author It s a nice book A little too fluffy for me but well thought out and written A unique writing style [Arleen Paré] · Paper Trail (Nunatak First Fiction) [rock-n-roll PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö ß Paper Trail (Nunatak First Fiction) ß in North America when women finally entered the workplace in large numbers, as though they now stood equal, the women approached the work seriously in the offices before the women arrived in large numbers, the men maintained an understanding that work was not so serious, that work should not overwhelm the pleasant state of camaraderie that the men had taken pains to cultivate when the women were permitted, the work becameserious during the war, which was serious, the women worked after the baby boom, the women, who had been sent back to their kitchens after the men returned from war, wanted to be permitted even though they had no war to permit them they hadto prove they had to be serious when they entered the workplace they picked up the pace and most of the men stopped launching paper airplanes from their desks Arleen Paré ß [Arleen Paré] · Paper Trail (Nunatak First Fiction) [rock-n-roll PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö

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