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Ñ Dark Matter ê LOVED IT This book is insanity in a box 5 stars Believe the hype Do not read many reviews If you like sci fi or want something different and can suspend disbelief read or listen to this book This is the audio version review The audio narrated by actor, Jon Lindstrom, is as good as it gets He was the perfect narrator for Dark Matter This man was born to narrate books He s that good Dark Matter starts out pretty simple and then very quickly it turns insane and just keeps getting crazier and crazier When you think it can t get any crazier it does Trust me I will never look at a box the same way again If there is a trigger warning for boxes this book should have it Lol Jason Desson is a physicist He has been married to Daniela for years He has a son, Charlie, who is almost 15 years old He s generally a hap Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch Æ Dark Matter Ö Best way to sum this up one of the most unique and original stories I have read in a long time 75% of this book I cannot give you a similar example of from another story Blake Crouch Ü I can see why others have said it is tough to review without spoiling EVERYONE SHOULD read THIS BEFORE IT GETS SPOILED FOR YOU It is the perfect balance of suspense, action, sci fi, romance, and WHAT THE HECK I was enthralled the entire time and did not want to put it down but we all have to sleep and work sometime, right Maybe this book isn t for you, but perhaps there is a different version of you somewhere and it is perfect for them Do that other you justice and give this one a shot Update 12 6 2016 ARGH This should have won the Goodreads Choice Awards I am calling for a recount Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch

Æ Dark Matter ô 4 Blake Crouch Å 5This book f cked me up Blake Crouch Å Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch ☆ Dark Matter ☆ I loved the premise of this story Blake Crouch Û Are we really happy What if we made different decisions in life What if we could live out choices we never made but wished we did What if we went left instead of right Straight Blake Crouch Û Backward Blake Crouch Û Diagon Alley Blake Crouch Û Harry Potter Blake Crouch Û The premise was very interesting The stuff about the box and the multiverse and even the science at times was interesting Blake Crouch Û Why couldn t you pull that off, Andy Weir The plot is so fast paced and relentless Even if you aren t fully invested, you want to keep going because it s so easy to keep going Blake Crouch Û Few paragraphs have than two sentences Most have just one Blake Crouch Û Or just a few words Blake Crouch Û Or a list Blake Crouch Û Sausage Blake Crouch Û Pepperoni Blake Crouch Û Cheese Blake Crouch Û Bacon Blake Crouch Û I use the word paragraph loosely Blake Crouch Û Blake Crouch doesn t use paragraphs at all Sometimes Blake Crouch Û Sentences Blake Crouch Û Words Blake Crouch Û Little description Blake Crouch Û All plot Blake Crouch Û All action Blake Crouch Û Lots of running Guns Murder, kind of Surprises Blake Crouch Û Family Blake Crouch Û Love Blake Crouch Û Science Blake Crouch Û It s all there This book re Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch ✓ Dark Matter Ä NO SPOILERS, I SWEAR What if all the pieces of belief and memory that comprise who I am my profession, Daniela, my son are nothing but a tragic misfiring in that gray matter between my ears Will I keep fighting to be the man I think I am Or will I disown him and everything he loves, and step into the skin of the person this world would like for me to be And if I have lost my mind, what then What if everything I know is wrong No Stop Blake Crouch ☆ I am not losing my mind There is nothing frustrating to a reviewer than reading a book that can t be written about Almost every piece of information I could give you about this book is a spoiler Now, my definition of a spoiler and other people s definition of a spoiler are not always the same, but in the case of this book the less said, the better I was very fortunate to watch the movie The Sixth Sense without having a clue about the plot, which is a minor Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch æ Dark Matter Ý It s terrifying when you consider that every thought we have, every choice we could possibly make, creates a new world Dark Matter, to be blunt, is miles and miles away from the line that marks my comfort zone I never, or very, very seldom, read books such as this one Blake Crouch ↠´ But the truth is, I never read a book like Dark Matter before Blake Crouch ↠´ It s a love story, it s a thriller, it s a science fiction book Blake Crouch ↠´ It s thought provoking, gripping, action filled Blake Crouch ↠´ It makes you think about life and family and what matters most Blake Crouch ↠´ Who you are, who you were, who you could be Blake Crouch ↠´ What you want, what you need and what you should have Blake Crouch ↠´ When to start, when to stop and when to go back Blake Crouch ↠´ The writing is so very simplistic, but it does the job It just isn t the reason why this book is so highly praised The author manages, however, to bring to life an authentic, loveab Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch ↠´ Dark Matter ↠´ What, with all due respect, the absolute fuck was this book Blake Crouch É How do you even start getting over this How does that happen to someone I feel very Blake Crouch É mmmmm what s the word Blake Crouch É confused lost so thoroughly mind fucked I swear to god my soul has aged for an entire century since I started this book I wish I could just hollow out a loaf of bread fresh out of the oven and lay in it for a week Or maybe just sit on top of a mountain, drink some oolong and not think for a month or two I don t know Maybe Nasa can fling me into Jupiter to see the inside of that hurricane I just don t have the energy to be a person right now this book really wiped me out and I reckon I ll need several days to recover emotionallyIf there are a million ponds out there, with versions of you and me living similar and different lives, there s none better than right here, right now I m sure of that than anyt Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch ¶ Dark Matter À Dr Mr Crouch,I was first introduced to your work via my Aunt Janet The Librarian years ago she started me off with your Andrew Z Thomas Luther Kite series and I knew I d found a new favorite author I branched out on my own and decided to try the Wayward Pines series somehow I ended up liking that even than the previous I was on a roll Months ago, when I first saw your new book listed on NetGalley, it was vague and sneaky, both things I like in a book, but I decided to wait on requesting until I saw a couple of reviews Then it hit me everyone was describing this new book as a love story A LOVE STORY No thanks not for me I don t do that mushy gushy nonsense I was disappointed I had really hoped for something exciting and fresh As time went on, of my Goodreads buds kept giving me grief to the point I agreed to read it, but I put it off as long as possible Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch Jason Dessen Is Walking Home Through The Chilly Chicago Streets One Night, Looking Forward To A Quiet Evening In Front Of The Fireplace With His Wife, Daniela, And Their Son, Charlie When His Reality ShattersIt Starts With A Man In A Mask Kidnapping Him At Gunpoint, For Reasons Jason Can T Begin To Fathom What Would Anyone Want With An Ordinary Physics Professor And Grows Even Terrifying From There, As Jason S Abductor Injects Him With Some Unknown Drug And Watches While He Loses ConsciousnessWhen Jason Awakes, He S In A Lab, Strapped To A Gurney And A Man He S Never Seen Before Is Cheerily Telling Him Welcome Back Jason Soon Learns That In This World He S Woken Up To, His House Is Not His House His Wife Is Not His Wife His Son Was Never BornAnd Someone Is Hunting Him â Dark Matter ã This reread on Audio was good I enjoyed the narrator I just read the craziest book and it was so good I was going along wanting to find out what in the world has happened to Jason Why has he lost his identity Who are these people after him I mean one minute, you have a wife and kid and then you don t Your in another world ish AND THEN IT WAS DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Just trying to enjoy this book and they lured me right on down that hole So now What am I going to say in this review that won t give anything away I mean this is a book that you need to talk about with people It is full of science and alternate this and alternate that Holy crow, the things Jason has to go through just to try to find his wife Daniela and his son Charlie is CRAZY The book is good though, it will d Download Epub Format í Dark Matter PDF by ↠´ Blake Crouch

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