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â Fear of Flying â 20 million copies sold A seminal feminist classic I am nothing short of incredulous I d say it was the pseudo intellectual self absorbed ramblings of a spoilt 29 year old poet that does not stand the test of time Erica Jong â But let me first say, I m not one to dole out 1 reviews This is my first, and as an author myself, I ve wondered what can motivate a reader to such an action But now, thank you Erica, I have seen the light It s when the distance between the reader s expectations and what is delivered are such poles apart as to provoke a huge desire to redress the balance for the sake of anyone stumbling upon these reader reviews Or that s my motivation anyway In summary this is a racist not racy, self absorbed not self enlightened, memoir thinly masquerading as fiction If I hadn t been reading it for my book group, there is NO WAY I d have got through it, as I haven t met [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × Ê Fear of Flying Ê Summer, 1972A top editor at a publishing firm in NYC pokes his head into a break room and says to a young, male intern who is pouring coffee, Hey, kid, come into my office for a minute, will you The kid is a recent lit grad from Columbia University with a penchant for Joyce and Hardy and an innate distrust for this particular editor He starts to sweat immediately at the man s request, but stays outwardly calm as he puts down the coffee cup and follows the editor into his office Erica Jong Ê The editor makes a big show of inviting the young man in, closing the door behind him and seating him comfortably on a small sofa He chooses to lean conspiratorially against his large desk Erica Jong Ê The intern battles the urge to bite his lower lip How fast can you read, kid the editor asks, smiling Fast, sir Well, son, I m happy to hear it You see that sweet piece of ass out there in the lobby The one with the cotton [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × ✓ Fear of Flying ✓ For whatever reason possibly because someone I recommended it to wasn t that thrilled by it , I feel a bit like I need to defend this book lately, and since I reviewed it when I first joined this site and most people were writing shorter reviews, I d like to give it a better write up Erica Jong ✓ The premise of Fear of Flying is fairly simple Isadora White Wing is in a marriage she isn t exactly happy with Her husband isn t especially warm to her, nor is he incredibly supportive of her career like Jong, of course, she s a writer Erica Jong ✓ While on a trip in Vienna, Isadora fantasizes about being with another man, and this book is or less about those fantasies what they mean in the context of her marriage, her entire love life, what they mean for women in general Erica Jong ✓ It s true, the writing isn t exactly high brow It s incredibly self indulgent and narcissistic, and you will, from time to time, fee [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × ✓ Fear of Flying ✓ Speed dating with books 1 6Since I am moving my books from one room to another and building a new bookcase I realized again that I have way too many unread books I decided to choose 6 for the beginning of the ones waiting on my shelves for a long time or that I do not know if I would like, read 50 pages and decide if I want to continue with them or send them away This week and the next I will share with you the results I bought this novel almost 10 years ago because, well, I was afraid of flying and I thought I might resonate with the character I didn t The Fear of Flying goes It was written in 1973 when women s emancipation was not that accomplished Erica Jong ✓ The book wants to be sexy and liberating, a sort of feminist erotic fiction with l [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × Æ Fear of Flying Æ Eons ago, I d heard this book consisted wholely of sex zipless fucks Erica Jong Æ Surprise Jong writes insightfully about the between a rock and a hard place that women resided in during the early 1970s, and at times still do The protagonist isn t what I consider terribly likable, yet her bold intelligence, self awareness, and wit carry her through myriad messy bits Erica Jong Æ Jong states in the author interview at the end that she d like this book to be considered a modern classic which it is so I ve marked it as such my Goodreads bookshelf Erica Jong Æ The audiobook narrator is stupendous [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online ×

Fear of Flying ☆ Rather neglectful of reading duties I shall admit to this very vulgar crime for the lethargic days of summer, it was truly a rare treat to sporadically go back to this, a sly and sinful read Yeah, it is DATED but, even in the late 90s, weren t the Sex and the City gals, too That 50 Shades is such a success should not be surprising it s just that the reminder that other people are having sex while you are or are not is Erica Jong ☆ I ve been quoted before as saying that sexual non adventure is a sin in that same spirit, Erica Jong has given a frank incredibly enjoyable read Her main character is not prone to saying no to the act, she rather bathes in the light of casual encounters, but she has intelligence and heart She is aware of the zipless f k as much as she tra [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × º Fear of Flying ☆ I found myself walking round this book and poking it nervously instead of reading it This went on for days Fear of Flying famously feisty, fearless, feminist and full of fucking Also well known to be zipless It was like having a landmine on the table, if I opened it I could lose a leg, or some other fleshly part I d have to learn to type with my ear When I did summon up the courage I was a little bit well, deflated As opposed to being flated, which I had been It was like pages of stand up comedy of a very middling sort but with buckets of f words and c words Let s make fun of being f word Jewish American and finding yourself in c word Germany Let s make fun of being married Let s make fun of having sex with your husband but thinking about another man Ah, look, a clitoris What is this, a feminist version of The Lucille Ball Show It s all a bit obvious these days Actually it so [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × ✓ Fear of Flying ✓ Earlier on this evening I was talking to my sainted mother on the telephone, and she noted that I seemed to be reading a lot of intellectual books lately, to which I reacted with vehemently indignant daughterly rage I am NOT, Mom Why my mother s comment should seem so thoroughly offensive is a fitting subject for my analyst a mythical figure about whom I love to fantasize but probably wouldn t enjoy much if he actually existed , though not so much for the internet, but I ve got poor boundaries and terrible judgment, so here goes Erica Jong ✓ Let s face it, folks I ve been having a lot of trouble reading books lately Like, a lot a lot, and I haven t really been able to figure out why I bottomed out most of the way through the Proust, and the Caro s really interesting but I still keep putting it down and daydreaming o [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × ô Fear of Flying ô iw69 hello i want you nowmannyrayner do we know each other iw69 not at all, that s the point i thought we could just have a completely no strings attached sexual encounter for its own sake, and then say goodbye wouldn t that be poetic and beautiful mannyrayner um, well, maybe i m sorry, i guess i should just be doing this and not analyzing it can i at least have a name or will that ruin everything iw69 i m isadoramannyrayner that s a pretty name pardon me for being so old fashionediw69 it s ok so now can we fuck mannyrayner i m not quite sure how that would work, butiw69 i want you to put your hard cock in my cunt and make me come i hope you aren t threatened by the way i frankly express my female desires or by my use of the word cunt mannyrayner ah, no, not really, in fact iiw69 it didn t used to be regarded as obscene in the miller s tale, chaucer writes pryvely he c [Erica Jong] × Fear of Flying [womens-studies PDF] read Online × Angst Vorm FliegenIsadora Wing, Die Selbstkritische Junge Amerikanerin, Ist Eine Der Vergn Gtesten Und R Hrendsten Heldinnen Der Gegenwartsliteratur Eine Entwaffnende Und Hinrei Ende Anti Heldin Immer Auf Der Suche Nach Erl Sern, Sinneslust Und Sicherheit, St Ndig Auf Trab Und Von Einer Angst In Die Andere Fallend, Versucht Sie Sich Klarheit Zu Verschaffen, Wer Sie Ist, Was Sie Will, Was Sie Noch Lieber Will, Und Woran Es Liegt, Da Selten Geht, Was Sie Am Liebsten Will Die Geschichte Beginnt Mit Isadoras Angst Im Flugzeug Auf Dem Weg Von New York Zu Einem Psychoanalytikerkongre Nach Wien, An Dem Ihr Mann Teilnehmen Und Ber Den Sie Einen Artikel Schreiben Wird Die Maschine Ist Vollbesetzt Mit Psychoanalytikern Bei Sechs Von Ihnen War Isadora Schon In Behandlung, Mit Dem Siebten Ist Sie Verheiratet Und Mit Einem Achten Wird Sie In Wien Eine Heftige Aff Re Haben Hin Und Her Gerissen Zwischen Dem Achten, Adrian, Und Dem Siebten, Ehemann Bennett, Erlebt Isadora Bei Ihrer O Dyssee Kreuz Und Quer Durch Europa Alle Wonnen Und Qualen Der Leidenschaft, Um Am Ende Zu Erkennen, Da Auch Das Totale Ausleben Aller Sexuellen Tag Und Nachttr Ume Noch Niemanden Zu Einem Freien Menschen Macht Ber Isadoras Sexuelle Abenteuer Und Mi Geschicke Berichtet Erica Jong Mit Witz, Furiosem Temperament Und Einer Freim Tigkeit, Wie Sie Bisher M Nnlichen Autoren Vorbehalten Schien Von Henry Miller, John Updike Und Der Internationalen Kritik Als Literarisches Ereignis Gefeiert, Hat Der Roman In Den USA Auflagen In Millionenh He Erreicht Und Eroberte Auch In Europa Die Spitzenpl Tze Der Bestsellerlisten

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