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The Giver of Stars ç A brilliant epic historical drama set in the US Depression era in Kentucky and the Appalachians from Jojo Moyes that draws on real life actual history Those who have been life long readers will understand the power of books and reading, Moyes focuses on just how important books can be in challenging and changing people and in shaping the world in this powerful telling of the Horseback Librarians of Kentucky The English Alice Wright weds American Bennett Van Cleve on his European Tour to escape the limitations of her life However, she is to rue her decision when she arrives in Baileyville, Kentucky and the realities and restrictions of small town living begin to sink in, made all theunbearable by her father in law She is to take the momentous step of volunteering for Eleanor Roosevelt s efforts to establish travelling libraries, despite opposition at ho Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes Ý The Giver of Stars Û Anyone who has read a jojo moyles book knows that, in reality no reviews of a new book by her are needed as her writing is the biz I had no idea what this book was about just the author was enough for me to want to read and review and so when I read the intro was surprised to read the book is based on a group of women in Kentucky in the late 1930 s who, via horseback, start a library to help encourage people in remote areas to read, it wasn t I thought, probably a book for me but of course would read itIt turned out to be magical, remarkable, emotional, joyful and any other positive adjective you can think of, truly uplifting and storytelling at its bestThe writing is without flaw, the characters instantly easy to get to know and once again this a Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes

Æ The Giver of Stars ô The Giver of Stars is a historical fiction novel featuring true events that took place in Kentucky in late 30s and early 40s when a group of young women got employed by a US government scheme to go into the mountains on horses and take books to families who might not otherwise get a chance to read Jojo Moyes Æ I wasn t sure what to expect from this book I did enjoy the author s Me Before You but didn t feel the need to carry on with the two follow up books Some stories are better left alone The Giver of Stars is a completely different kind of book and I have to say, the first few chapters were just ok for me But then something clicked and I started really enjoying the story and getting to know the two main female characters, the English bride Alice and the stubborn troublemaker Margery The Giver of Stars is a riveting story of extraordinary, courageous and determined wome Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes Æ The Giver of Stars Ú Historical fiction based on a true story of horse riding librarians who were the Great Depression s bookmobiles Diverse young women, their saddlebags full of books, preparing to ride out in vast and often unfriendly terrain or reading to families who had nothing books librarians strong diverse women horses mountains hardships incredible unexplored history great characters me being the victim of a very brutal robbery I have to be honest, I ve read one two three four FIVE books by Joio Moyes author of Me Before You , and having adored two loved the another, being impressed by one, and liking the last, I know that this woman can write and that I need to get my hands on this Don t tell anyone but stage whispers I actually own 8books by Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes à The Giver of Stars ✓ If I could give 10 stars, that still wouldn t be enough Incredible unexplored history meets well honed characters you become fully devoted to plus throughout the story Moyes weaves incredible literary passages, newspaper or journal snippets, which helps illustrate the journey the characters are living with beguiling clarity For fans of the unyielding frontier heroism, for readers of layered history, and incredible character growth and connection as well as those who adore and or have never read Jojo Moyes before I could make this a 4 page review but instead I hope you read and love it too Galley borrowed from the publisher Jojo Moyes ã Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes Ê The Giver of Stars The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes is a story based in the 1930s about the Horseback Librarians Horseback Librarians did exist and this is a story of a new branch, The Baileyville Packhorse Library, Kentucky Jojo Moyes Ê Five women risk long rides everyday over inhospitable terrain in all weathers to bring, books and magazines to poor people living far from town with little or no transport People are wary of them and they have to take time to earn their trust Other people in the township are against their endeavour as they don t want the people to learn to read and get ideas above their station Jojo Moyes Ê I loved this book It had me hooked from the first page It was full of wonderful characters and I would love to readabout them I didn t want this book to end Jojo Moyes Ê Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for my e copy in exchange for an honest Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes The Giver of Stars ↠´ The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes is set in Kentucky during the 1930 s and Alice a new English bride finds herself living in a little town called Baileyville Jojo Moyes ½ Alice Wright jumps at the chance to leave her boring life in England behind and quickly marries American Bennett Van Cleve She assumes life as a married women will be farinteresting, she has no idea her husband lives in such a remote area and shares a house with his father When she arrives in Kentucky she discovers they will be living in Van Cleve family home, they have very little privacy and she has nothing in common with her new husband Bennett s father owns the local mine, he s rich, overbearing, ruthless and a bully Jojo Moyes ½ Alice is soon bored sitting around the hous Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes æ The Giver of Stars Ü Reading The Giver of Stars was like the joy of taking in the breadth of an intricate oil painting and zooming in on the minute whorls and dabs of colors that made up the detail work It was a lush experience trying this new to me author and her debut into historical fiction Jojo Moyes æ I ve always wanted to read this author s books since they came to my attention with the movie adaption of Me Before You, but the content of that one had me nervous because I don t reach for those heartbreaker type of stories But, then I noted this was a historical fiction based on true historical events which was just the motivation I needed to go for it Horseback riding librarians in the hills of Kentucky how could I resist Jojo Moyes æ Alice Van Cleve is the focal character when the story opens Alice encounters a diverse and courageous cast of other women and none so mu Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes Set In Depression Era America, A Breathtaking Story Of Five Extraordinary Women And Their Unforgettable Journey Through The Mountains Of Kentucky And Beyond, From The Author Of Me Before You And The Peacock Emporium When Alice Wright Agrees To Marry Handsome American Bennett Van Cleve And Leave Behind Her Stifling Life In England For A New Adventure In Kentucky, She S Soon Disenchanted By Her Newlywed Status And Overbearing Father In Law, Owner Of The Local Coal Mine So When A Call Goes Out For A Team Of Women To Deliver Book Ebook Epub Download The Giver of Stars s As Part Of Eleanor Roosevelt S New Traveling Library, Alice Signs On EnthusiasticallyThe Leader, And Soon Alice S Greatest Ally, Is Margery, The Smart Talking, Self Sufficient Daughter Of A Notorious Local Criminal, A Woman Who S Never Asked A Man S Permission For Anything Alice Finds Margery As Bracing And Courageous As Anyone She S Ever Met And Comes To Rely On Her, Especially As Her Marriage Starts To Fail They Will Be Joined By Three Diverse Women And Become Known As The Horseback Librarians Of Kentucky What Happens To These Women And To The Men They Love Becomes A Classic Drama Of Loyalty, Justice, Humanity And Passion Though They Face All Kinds Of Dangers From Moonshiners To Snakes, From Mountains To Floods And Social Disapproval To Boot But They Believe Deeply In Their Work Bringing Book Ebook Epub Download The Giver of Stars s To People Who Had Never Had Any, Expanding Horizons And Arming Them With Facts That Will Change Their LivesBased On A True Story Rooted In America S Past, The Storytelling Itself Here Is Enthralling The Pages Fly, And The Book Ebook Epub Download The Giver of Stars Is Unparalleled In Its Scope And Its Epic Breadth Funny, Heartbreaking, And Rewarding, It Is A Rich Novel Of Women S Friendship, Of True Love, And Of What Happens When We Reach Beyond Our Grasp For The Great Beyond ß The Giver of Stars Ó What a wonderful story JoJo Moyes has done it again Jojo Moyes ß GIVER OF THE STARS is different than the contemporary fiction that Moyes has written in the past However even though this novel is based on true events and people it is Moyes s rich character development and the story line of these ladies that drives the novel Jojo Moyes ß I knew little of the WPA library but love that i learnedabout it from reading this novel The strength and fortitude these ladies showed is incredible I want to learnabout this initiative I loved how books, literacy and the act of reading or providing the books to read empowered all the characters Jojo Moyes ß Absolutely loved it Cant wait to share when this novel releases october 8 2019 I can boldly predict that it will be best seller Î The Giver of Stars Å Download by Ê Jojo Moyes

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