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¿ Hourglass ¿ Rating Clarification 2 Myra McEntire ¿ 5 Stars closer to 2 Well, I m obviously in the minority when it comes to the appeal of this book For me, Hourglass just had too many bumps in the journey to make me a fan The storyline felt very choppy with its constant starts and stops and I almost came close to calling it quits around mid way through The hardest part for me was trying to find a connection or some sort of spark between Emerson a name I love BTW and Michael I just didn t catch it at all However, I did like a couple of the secondary characters, including Lily and Kaleb I actually preferred those two over the MCs, but what I didn t understand was why the author chose to reveal Lily s powers view spoiler of finding lost objects hide spoiler [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í À Hourglass Ø Review to come, but oh my can Myra write I have said and will say, I always want to be friends with her characters Add to that the positively YUMMY boys, and a killer plot, and you have a WINNER Myra McEntire ✓ [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í

¾ Hourglass ¾ Yes, I was one of the people slobbering over the cover and didn t pay too much attention of what the book was really about Then I heard two words, time travel and I had no choice but to read it of course I m confused with my feelings for this one The feelings I have are too all over the place I loved some of things and some things really bothered me, but I will definitely be reading the sequel Timepiece Emerson is a 17 year old living with her older brother and his wife When we meet her she is recovering from her parents death and her time in a mental hospital, and is grasping to find some normalcy The problem with that is she keeps seeing beings from the past, and this is where Michael Weaver comes in Emerson s brother, Thomas, hires Michael to help her with her problem Soon enough Emerson learns she has a deep connection with Michael and the society he works for, called the Hourgl [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í Ë Hourglass ó This book is all kinds of fucked up and also my rant reviewHere s the deal, I m going to let off my steam right now So, this rant will be incoherent and flat out rude well, not really rude, but very vulgar Hell, I might be very annoying read at your own risk when I m cooled off, I will write another review that s mature deal OK Myra McEntire Ë I honestly don t understand why authors feel the need to write insta love, angst y, and or novels with a love triangle I fucking don t Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why IT S ANNOYING, it s been done over a hundred times I swear it has It doesn t make your book unique , it doesn t make your book awesome , it doesn t make your book enjoyable Not At Fucking All It bugs the shit out of me It makes me want to burn your [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í ✓ Hourglass ✓ Favourite quoteMost of what I say is complete truth My edit button is broken I was excited to read Hourglass I mean how could you not be with such an intriguing synopsis and gorgeous cover And while I ended up really enjoying Hourglass I did struggled at the beginning The start was a bit slow for me It lacked that something special that makes you get caught up in the story and care about what is happening But half way through things changed and there was action, plot twists and chemistry between the characters and I began to feel captivated by Hourglass And even though the concept of time travel is not unique this did feel like a fresh take on this supernatural element Myra McEntire ✓ Emerson is an enjoyable protagonist She is brave, strong and quick wit [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í ✓ Hourglass ✓ I caught myself rolling my eyes at how hot she found him Throughout the book, Emerson could not get over how good Michael looked She was all, His classic looks, his lips, his clothes, even his muscles even saying his muscles have muscles So, yes, there were plenty eye roll, head meet table moments Then I realized I was being too critical and actually expecting it to suck Once I recognized these, let go of some of my expectations, things got a little better Yes, there s a lot of the same old, same old in it, but two things kept me going her family and the hope that it wouldn t be too YA typical The good things first Her family is present One normally reads of YA protags who feel left out and misunderstood, alone to deal with their issues until the requisite love interest shows up to shake things up In Hourglass, Emerson has a loving and supportive family With their parent [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í ↠´ Hourglass ↠´ I d never been as honest with anyone as I d been with Michael Myra McEntire ↠´ He made me feel safe, like I could be real shattered and fragmented and wholly imperfect even though he was the polar opposite Intact, complete, fully perfect And this is how she feels after a day Uh huh Those types of lines was everything I found wrong with the book A girl who sees ghosts from the past Sign me up Except what I got was a typical teenage girl who falls head over heels for some guy and CAN T TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE I was incredibly intrigued by the storyline and the initial 30 pages and I wouldn t have minded the love interest so much if it wasn t beaten into you every flipping page The story finally got around to explaining their total attraction to one another and blamed it on some scientific reasoning that didn t do anything to justify it in my opinion Myra McEntire ↠´ There were othe [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í ↠´ Hourglass ó originally featured on yareads Myra McEntire Ð com, reviewed by KionaThis book blew me away probably because I wasn t expecting to fall so thoroughly in love with it I went in thinking it was a ghost story, due to the summary on the back cover, but I was completely wrong It s a fantastic blend of paranormal and science fiction, at times reminding me of elements of Harry Potter and X Men, both of which I love Hourglass has so many great twists, some I saw coming and some that completely blind sided me in the best possible way This excellently crafted book is well organized and completely absorbing, one of those I really shouldn t stay up until 2 because I have class in the morning but I can t stop books Myra McEntire Ð But let me backtrack for a minute Hourglass tells the story of Emerson Cole, a teenage girl who began seeing what she believes to be ghosts shortly [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í One Hour To Rewrite The Past For Seventeen Year Old Emerson Cole, Life Is About Seeing What Isn T There Swooning Southern Belles Soldiers Long Forgotten A Haunting Jazz Trio That Vanishes In An Instant Plagued By Phantoms Since Her Parents Death, She Just Wants The Apparitions To Stop So She Can Be Normal She S Tried Everything, But The Visions Keep Coming BackSo When Her Well Meaning Brother Brings In A Consultant From A Secretive Organization Called The Hourglass, Emerson S Willing To Try One Last Cure But Meeting Michael Weaver May Not Only Change Her Future, It May Change Her PastWho Is This Dark, Mysterious, Sympathetic Guy, Barely Older Than Emerson Herself, Who Seems To Believe Every Crazy Word She Says Why Does An Electric Charge Seem To Run Through The Room Whenever He S Around And Why Is He So Insistent That He Needs Her Help To Prevent A Death That Never Should Have Happened Full Of Atmosphere, Mystery, And Romance, Hourglass Merges The Very Best Of The Paranormal And Science Fiction Genres In A Seductive, Remarkable Young Adult Debut ↠´ Hourglass ¿ I shamelessly traded a pair of fingerless mitts for this ARC, and I m really, really glad I did Myra McEntire · Here s a secret I think about time travel a lot Probably than the average girl Probably not as much as Myra or her characters When it comes to time travel in books and movies, I can drive myself insane finding paradoxes and getting annoyed by characters who don t consider the consequences of their actions or use their ability to its potential Myra McEntire · Not so with Hourglass Hourglass fully lived up to what I hoped it would be Strong, sweet, intriguing, and completely unique Myra McEntire · There were a lot of things I loved about this book, starting with Emerson and her voice, on to the depiction of the Southern town, and to the romance Emerson was a tough character with a rough past, but she never let it slow her down She was strong, loyal, and the kind [ Pdf Hourglass ✓ french-literature PDF ] by Myra McEntire Í

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