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Ø Stories For Rainy Days ✓ So quote able Bahasanya juga ringan, mudah dimengerti Yang mau belajar bahasa Inggris boleh, nih, dicoba Biar sekalian ada nyeseknya Ilustrasinya sangat cantik Sayangnya di Scoop gambarnya jadi pecah pecah Minusnya, di beberapa chapter ada kalimat yang metaphornya diulang Not really a big problem for me, tho Tapi aneh juga rasanya baca paragraf baru tapi ngerasa Eh, ini kan yang dibaca tadi [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä Ý Stories For Rainy Days Ý Rated 4 5 starsSynopsis It was a rainy day,with a hot darjeeling tea,warm striped blanketand polka dot socks Naela Ali Ý One perfect momentto read storiesfor cats Naela Ali Ý Review Stories For Rainy Days is a collection of stories by Naela Ali If you are familiar with Naela Ali then you must ve known that a book with the same title had been self published by her before I m not sure if the self published version was different than this one since I didn t read that one By the way, if you are not familiar with Naela Ali, she is an illustrator based in Jakarta with a penchant for writing and illustrating with watercolor as her tool As the description implies this book is written and illustrated fully by herself Naela Ali Ý The stories are all in English, some are a couple of pages long and some are only a page long Starting into this book I [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä Best EBook read Online Stories For Rainy Days , Stories For Rainy Days By Naela Ali This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book read Online Stories For Rainy Days Stories For Rainy Days, Essay By Naela Ali Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You ô Stories For Rainy Days ☆ Lately, I came across Naela Ali s instagram account her username is naelaali quite often, because apparently some of my followings are her followers So I kind of check her feeds every now and then because it is decent, clean, and I love the tone of her pictures Her artworks are also great Based on those stalking activities, I found out that recently she just published a short story collection It was originally self published, but this year, a major publisher republished it Just like other published books by Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia s POP, Stories For Rainy Days is aesthetically pleasing, and is filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations by the author herself Its small size reminded me of Joseph Gordon Levitt s Tiny Book of Tiny Stories it was mentioned a few times, so [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä ☆ Stories For Rainy Days ¾ baca bareng marina di bulan februari 2017, saya suka ilustrasinya Naela Ali ¾ semacam bukunya lala bohang ya, tapi yang ini tidak sekelam bukunya lala sih ya Naela Ali ¾ pengin baca yang vol 2 nya juga nih Naela Ali ¾ Naela Ali ¾ [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä ñ Stories For Rainy Days ñ I need to remind myself that I don t have to write review of every book that I read Especially this one Well, this still considered as a review, just not an in depth one Naela Ali ñ I noticed and followed Naela Ali for her artworks Her watercolor illustration to be exact When her self published book published by a big publisher in hardcover I knew that I will buy it I did, when it was on a book sale And, oh God, how I am not regretting I didn t buy it in normal price This book is well, let s just agree that Naela Ali s illustrations are so beautiful Naela Ali ñ That s that Naela Ali ñ I hope that everyone who reads this review have an amazing weekend and do not forget that your love to your partner and vice versa , was not the only great thing that happened in your life Give yourself a pat for going through life this far You are special and amazing just the way you are, with or without your lover You go, you [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä å Stories For Rainy Days Å That solitary moment you have at a crowded place, when nothing else matters, only you and your book Naela Ali Å That is bliss Enggak berasa warm banget sesuai blurbnya, tapi lebih ke galaw Naela Ali Å Naela Ali Å beda selera warm aja kali yha hwhwhwsuka banget ilustrasinya sih, big fan of her sejak follow di IG nya dulu2 kkk [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä

· Stories For Rainy Days · ilustrasinya bagus tapi sayang aku ga suka isinya terlalu cheesy buatku [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä æ Stories For Rainy Days ò Sometimes you meet a person and you just click you re comfortable with them, like you ve known them your whole life, and you don t have to pretend to be anyone or anything halaman 16 But now, things are different We turned into strangers halaman 20 Naela Ali ò [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä Õ Stories For Rainy Days é Thanks a lot Gramedia Naela Ali é com for the 70% discount from IDR 110 Naela Ali é 000 into IDR 33 Naela Ali é 000 Happy Harbolnas books 44 2017 Buku ini untuk memenuhi Tsundoku books Challenge 2017 3,4 dari 5 bintangI realized that life is all about letting go letting go our own egos that we are willing to make certaim amount of efforts and energy to take the risks and accept the good or bad circumstances that might happen for the one we loveLetting go also means that sometimes, no matter how much you thought you ve put efforts into it, certain things are just not meant to beBut then again, In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make If it s means to be, things will be just great Naela Ali é Naela Ali é eventually Pages 195 Akkk Bikin sentimental dan diabetes bukunya Buddy Reads with Mbak Ayu D [Naela Ali] Ï Stories For Rainy Days [slash-fiction PDF] read Online ä

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