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I Ett Kargt Klimat I Ett Nordnorskt Kustomr De Utspelas Roy Jacobsens Nya Roman, Som Blivit En Makal S F Rs Ljningsframg Ng I Hemlandet Och Av M Nga Hyllats Som Hans B Sta Bok Det R En Roman Som Baseras P Verkliga H Ndelser Mellan Och Platsen R Den Vackra N Barr Ya Som Ligger Vid HelgelandskustenH R Bor Hans Barr Y, R, Hans Hustru, Hans Ldrande Far Och Hans Lilla Syster Maria Som Inte Tycks Duga Mycket Till Men Det H R R Romanen Om Ingrid, Som Vi F R F Lja Fr N Dagen Hon D Ps Fram Till Tjugo Rs Ldern D Hon Blivit En Stark Och Sj Lvst Ndig Ung Kvinna Av Sin Mor F R Hon L Ra Sig Att Sk Ta Ett Hush Ll, Av Sin Far F R Hon L Ra Sig Vad Det Inneb R Att V Xa Upp P En Och Vad Naturen F Rv Ntar Sig Av M Nniskorna D R ë De usynlige à This is a tale about life on a tiny island, one kilometer north to south and half a kilometer east to west, one of the islands of the Lofoten archipelago in northwestern Norway, above the Arctic Circle This island is fictitious, but there do exist many that are similar One family lives on the island the Barr y family There is Hans, his wife Maria, Hans father Martin, his sister Barbro and his young daughter Ingrid She is three at the start of the novel Years pass and who remains living on the island changes Timewise, the setting is the first half of the 20th century The island remains and the wind and the sleet and the rain The snow, the dark nights of winter and the perpetual light of summer Life on this island is a never ending struggle against harsh conditions, poverty and the elements of nature The Barr y family eek out their living through fishing, sheep, cows and the co ↠´ read ã De usynlige by Roy Jacobsen ¹ ✓ De usynlige ✓ 2 6 from Booker International Prize Shortlist 4 Roy Jacobsen ✓ 5 My heart fills with love while I sit on my chair thinking how to review The Unseen Its quiet beauty a perfect description of this book read in Jill s review enveloped me and concurred my soul without me even noticing It is almost impossible for me to explain why I loved this small novel so much, since at a first glance it contains some elements that I run away from long descriptive passages and recount of life at sea I will try, though, with some images, my humble words and with the help of the author s, to introduce you to life on a small island in Norway The Unseen captures the day to day life of the Barr y family on a small, one family island on the Norwegian coast, probably at the beginning of the ↠´ read ã De usynlige by Roy Jacobsen ¹

De usynlige ✓ Beginning of the twentieth century Three generations of a family try to survive in an isolated and arid island called Barroy, in front of the Norwegian coast Barroy is like a universe for its inhabitants, life can t be understood outside the confinement of this speck of rock dust amidst the ocean, but at the same time, life is continuously threatened by the hostile climate, the endless periods of darkness, severe snow blizzards and the unruly sea that provides sustenance but also kills mercilessly when one least expects it Barroy is like a microcosm with such a fragile balance that extinction is lurking around the corner incessantly, and miracles are performed daily when the sun goes down with no other death than the vanishing light Straddling th ↠´ read ã De usynlige by Roy Jacobsen ¹ ↠´ De usynlige ð Islanders are never afraid, if they were they wouldn t be able to live here This captivating tale is set on the tiny island of Barr y off the coast of Norway, around the beginning of the 20th century It is inhabited by one family Hans, his wife Maria, father Martin, sister Barbro and his young daughter Ingrid The story tracks the adventures of this clan through the years, as they struggle to make a living from their small provisions by way of fishing and farming There are unexpected births and deaths along the way, and we follow Ingrid s journey from little girl to eventual Queen of the island Roy Jacobsen ð What struck me about the plight of the Barr ys is how the island shapes their whole existence It is their livelihood but it s also a kind of prison Life unfurls at a different pace to that of the mainland The family exist at the mercy of th ↠´ read ã De usynlige by Roy Jacobsen ¹

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