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For Four Decades Stanley Long Wrote, Produced, And Directed Some Of The Most Commercially Successful Low Budget Movies In British Film History An X Rated Movie Trailblazer, He Gave The Postwar Cinema Audience Something They Couldn T See Elsewhere Bare Boobs, Saucy Thrills, And Naughty Postcard Humor Come To Life Controversial, Unapologetic, And Wildly Successful, Stanley Long S Productions Came Fast And Furious Infuriating Highbrow Critics, The Police, The Church, And The Government But They Proved To Be Box Office Gold Stanley Ruffled Feathers With His Cult Documentary The Wife Swappers, An Overnight Sensation That Broke Box Office Records In London S West End And Ran Continuously For Six Months, Going On To Play To Packed Houses In New York Stanley S Comedy Hit Adventures Of A Taxi Driver Spawned Two Sequels And Was Sold To Than Countries In Addition To All This, Stanley Also Became One Of The Most Successful Independent Film Distributors In Europe, Controlling A Business Empire Respected, And Envied, By His Contemporaries Packed With Fascinating, Sexy, And Sometimes Poignant Anecdotes, Stanley S Unique Story Explains How He Made It Big In The Toughest Industry In The World ↠´ X-rated Ç The first thing one should note when picking up this particular book, and I knew it when I purchased it, the X Rated of the title in no way reflects what an X rating means today Actually, today the exploitation films of Britain s Stanley Long would hardly garner him than a PG 13 rating here in Canada or the equivalent of the next rating up from PG in the U Stanley Long Ç S In the Prologue of the book, Long and his co author Simon Sheridan quote one of his actors, Christopher Neil who characterizes Long s movies like Carry Ons with the bra off If you re not familiar with the Carry On Gang films, and you love comedy, seek them out, especially those that starred Sidney James as part of the ensemble cast Stanley Long Ç During the 1960 s and 1970 s in London, photographer Stanley Long got involved in Ï read Ï X-rated by Stanley Long ☆

↠´ X-rated ï As expected, X rated is packed with interesting anecdotes from the inside of the British exploitation film industry Unfortunately, there s also a bit too much personal stuff that doesn t really add too much to the story at hand Long should have taken a page out of Dave Friedman s book and done all the talking about other people Still, that s a fairly minor nitpick in what is an absolutely invaluable peek behind the curtain of British exploitation cinema Great fun, but you may want to at least read Simon Sheridan s Keeping the British End Up first so you ll know who all the players are here Stanley Long ï Ï read Ï X-rated by Stanley Long ☆

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