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Ï Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Le dar a 3,5 estrellas Esperaba una prosa mucho m s elaborada, eso me ha desilusionado un poco, pero en l neas genrales me ha gustado No me atrever a a recomendarlo no es un libro para todo el mundo, ni siquiera para todos los fans de CF Recoge veinte historias muy desiguales hay CF hard, relatos absurdos, surrealismo, y Weird dom stico Apto para el que busque un texto que se salga de los c nones, y que explore conceptos filos ficos, culturales y cient ficos Toh EnJoe ☆ ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe Æ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Wow, this is a book that demands a lot from the reader But there are some rewards for sticking with it It s not a traditional narrative, at all It slike a series of short stories that have a narrative connection It s quite a mindbender, and it s not like anything you ve read before Toh EnJoe  If you want straight character and plot, this is not the right book However, if you want strange and new ideas, this is a masterpiece The author clearly knows his science and infuses each chapter with interesting ideas and twists on our existing scientific knowledge So even though the story wasn t strong or was nearly non existent, depending on how you look at it , the ideas were mesmerizing I found myself excited for each new chapter, wondering which new concept would be introduced and explored Toh EnJoe  To be clear, this book is a slog There is no way to skim, and I had to reread ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe Toh EnJoe S Prize Winning Fiction Is Well Known In Japan For Crossing The Streams From Hardcore Science Fiction To Bizarre Surrealism And Has Found An Audience Across The Genre Divide Self Reference ENGINE Is A Puzzle Of A Book Download Epub Format Self-Reference ENGINE , Where Vignette And Story And Philosophy Combine To Create A Novel Designed Like A Concept Album ☆ Self-Reference ENGINE Þ The genre of ideas How often have we heard science fiction, fantasy, c described as such Isn t that the great justification for volunteering ourselves to the genre ghetto, for ignoring the Booker Prize winners and Nobel Laureates to focus on the Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award winners instead But it s frustrating for all this talk about science fiction being a genre of ideas, there don t seem to be a whole lot of ideas going around Toh EnJoe æ Enter Toh EnJoe A physicist A novelist And not simply a science fiction novelist, either Toh EnJoe has won accolades not only for his theoretically informed and highly imaginative takes on the science fiction genre, but also for his work in what genre detractors and defenders alike describe as the literary Toh EnJoe æ His debut novel, Self Reference ENGINE puts on display his knowledge as a physicist, his imagination as a storyte ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe Ì Self-Reference ENGINE È The stories in this experimental sci fi book may include talking socks, disappearing text on a catfish statue, an inexplicable joystick, and no less than 22 inert Freuds Sigmund how ever did Grandma collect so many of him Toh EnJoe Å If that paragraph made you think, oh this is full of non sequitors like Hitchhikers, and I love Hitchhikers, just stop This book is sometimes poignant, existential, thought provoking and above all, rigorous My brain is exhausted Toh EnJoe Å read the full review on GeekyLibrary Toh EnJoe Å ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe è Self-Reference ENGINE ó There are certain lines of reasoning that, if you ve spent much time around logic, abstract mathematics, or theoretical computer science, seem both entirely reasonable and entirely absurd Toh EnJoe a pen name, if you re wondering has written an entire book out of these, a collection of 20 or so linked and multiply linked, if we are to believe the story graph at the beginning of the book short stories that tell the story of a world in which something very strange has happened to the nature of reality Some are stories in the conventional sense some arelike essays or rambling diatribes, all adhering faithfully to the fractured space time continuum that is the setting Many are beautiful and emotional, many are whimsical and amusing, and quite a few manage both Self Reference ENGINE might be compared to amodest version of the Hitchhiker s Guide, but wh ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe ✓ Self-Reference ENGINE ¹ I really enjoyed this one as it warns in its cover blurb, it s neither a novel with a straightforward narrative, nor an anthology of self contained short stories It sof a series of interconnected vignettes set at various points following some kind of event that shattered time and space, and often involving powerful AIs Not easy to describe, but just the kind of experimental weirdness that works well for me, and a lot of really neat concepts dealing with time, artificial intelligence, consciousness, andMy first four star rating from this year s P Toh EnJoe Ç K Dick nominees Toh EnJoe Ç ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe

Self-Reference ENGINE Ó I read this book in March 2014 and the experienced stopped me in my tracks at Goodreads as I wasn t ready to write a review for it yet and I kept postponing I wanted it to be a thorough review, because it s such a fantastic book I ve recommended it widely to people, especially if they re interested in innovative SF that experiments with form, is something unique So, I m going to let go of my great review plans and just say it s absolutely fantastic People should really read this one, if any one It s a classic Toh EnJoe ☆ ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe ì Self-Reference ENGINE ↠´ Division of fractions escape by eraser befuddlement of symbiotic intelligences this book romps through the broken shards of time space which have been fractured irrevocably by the Event A warped imagination underpins this mathematical fairy tale and creates delightful rabbit holes to stumble down into An alternative narrative, loosely based on many different characters works admirably because of the unusual setting a universe that has been shattered into countless other universes of variable time space dimensions with the ultimate goal of most of the characters being to try and restore the universe s time space coordination to its normal working order A very good book clever, mindbending, and irreverent Toh EnJoe â ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe ë Self-Reference ENGINE æ Maybe not the best, but the most interesting book I ve read in 2013, and a milestone for high concept SF, especially in translation Full review at Mixer Publishing ↠´ Self-Reference ENGINE ✓ Download by ↠´ Toh EnJoe

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