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Please Note That The Content Of This Book read Online German People of World War I Primarily Consists Of Articles Available From Wikipedia Or Other Free Sources Online Pages Chapters Prince Maximilian Of Baden, Theobald Von Bethmann Hollweg, Kathe Kollwitz, Arthur Zimmermann, Armin T Wegner, Johann Heinrich Von Bernstorff, Wilhelm Wassmuss, Karl Max, Prince Lichnowsky, Reinhard Johannes Sorge, Wilhelm Solf, Franz Von Rintelen, Paul Oskar Hocker, Karl Rasche, Wilhelm Zaisser, Anton Schnack, Carl Hans Lody, Felix Von Hartmann, Georg Von Hertling, Anton Dilger, Georg Michaelis, Vincent Kraft, Hans Freiherr Von Wangenheim, Rudolf Querner, Walter Nicolai, Heinrich Von Eckardt, Alfred Bielschowsky, Oskar Ursinus, Richard Von Kuhlmann, Bun Troy, Heinrich Albert, Karl Boy Ed Excerpt Kathe Schmidt Kollwitz July , April , Was A German Painter, Printmaker, And Sculptor Whose Work Offered An Eloquent And Often Searing Account Of The Human Condition In The First Half Of The Th Century Her Empathy For The Less Fortunate, Expressed Most Famously Through The Graphic Means Of Drawing, Etching, Lithography, And Woodcut, Embraced The Victims Of Poverty, Hunger, And War Initially Her Work Was Grounded In Naturalism, And Later Took On Expressionistic Qualities Kollwitz Was Born In Konigsberg, Province Of Prussia Now Kaliningrad, Russia , The Fifth Child In Her Family Her Father, Karl Schmidt, Was A Radical Social Democrat Who Became A Mason And House Builder Her Mother, Katherina Schmidt, Was The Daughter Of Julius Rupp, A Lutheran Pastor Who Was Expelled From The Official State Church And Founded An Independent Congregation Her Education Was Greatly Influenced By Her Grandfather S Lessons In Religion And Socialism Recognizing Her Talent, Kollwitz Father Arranged For Her To Begin Lessons In Drawing And Copying Plaster Casts When She Was Twelve At Sixteen She Began Making Drawings Of Working People, The Sailors And Peasants She Saw In Her Father S Offices Wishing To Continue Her Studi

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