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The Fifth Sally: A Novel ✓ I thought it would be something different It was surprisingly an easy read, I literally flew through it Daniel Keyes ✓ But at the same time, something was missing for me It felt kinda strange Daniel Keyes ✓ And I didn t like Sally s relationship with men Daniel Keyes ✓ The romance was too instant And unnatural And just not for me Everyone who reads this book should be aware of all the triggers rape, violence, child abuse, etc Daniel Keyes ✓ Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes õ The Fifth Sally: A Novel õ Well, that was quite a bookI didn t like it I thought the idea was interesting but the way it s writtenDo you know that feeling when a character does something but you are the one feeling embarrassed, ashamed even For a strong half of this book that s what I felt I would close it, take a deep breath and only then open it and continue reading Questions like seriously and you are not actually doing saying that, are you would not leave me This book was so hard to read Daniel Keyes õ And if I was not feeling that I was feeling disgust All those scenes from Sally s childhood It was awful I understand that this is was what it was but still It s so hard to believe in, so hard to imagine that people like that can actually exist that you end up either thinking how unnecessary it all was or how disgusting Daniel Keyes õ Funny thing, her present was not much better All those conversations about sex, Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes Ø The Fifth Sally: A Novel Ø It was a fictional story about a woman with 5 personalities It was tame compared to the real life accounts The Billy Mulligan book he wrote was exciting Daniel Keyes Ø Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes

ñ The Fifth Sally: A Novel ñ From the childhood, according to our relatives,they explain to us what is good, what is bad To build our consciousness Freud also said that it is very important that in childhood no shocks occur that will contribute to inferior maturation But, what if there are not those who are able to explain to you what is good and what is bad What if you try to formulate your consciousness yourself What if your childhood was not cloudless at all and you are not that strong , you can not cope with this alone Then your consciousness asks for help and finds it in creating a new alter ego or maybe a few Dissociative personality disorder cleavage has not been fully understood to this day, but one of the reasons is that we are not able to carry these events alone, creating ours Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes ☆ The Fifth Sally: A Novel ☆ Actually, I really like this book I like to read about mental disorders, and it was pretty interesting to read about Sally s different personalities from their own point of view The plot is dynamic, although some parts were slow paced, I think Daniel Keyes ☆ Author perfectly described specifics of multiple personalities disorder, he studied this sphere and I as a reader am impressed All four personalities are so different from each other and their thoughts and feelings are well analyzed and described in the book By the way, author use medical termins and psychological concepts, so I learned a lot about the disorder, which is also great Daniel Keyes ☆ I cannot miss the fact, that this novel is quite similar to his book about Billy Milligan, but here we are inside Sally s head, so to say, not an external observers And Minds of Bill Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes ↠´ The Fifth Sally: A Novel ↠´ All the king s horses and all the king s menCouldn t put Humpty together again Daniel Keyes ↠´ The human mind is an unpredictable thing The Fifth Sally is my second book by Daniel Keyes Daniel Keyes ↠´ A twenty nine year old American woman Sally Porter has an unusual problem which in psychiatry is called multiple personality disorder There are several different personalities in her Sally herself, happy Derry, sexy Bella, intellectual Nola and vicious Jinx Sally has memory failures during which she has no idea what she was doing, and then it turns out that she was replaced by one of the characters Highly qualified psychiatrist Dr Roger Ash tries to help Sally to find harmony with herself and to fuse the four personalities into the fifth Sally The story is very lively, there will be love, tears, dances, horse races, work in the restaurant, broken mirrors and hope des Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes ↠´ The Fifth Sally: A Novel ↠´ Five different personalities inside Sally s mind Each of them is special, and each of them want to take over Sally s body and mind In the end, either they ll live in harmony inside Sally or fight for the right to control Sally s body Author Daniel Keyes played with our mind, intrigues each of us Which personality will survive Can they stop Jinx for creating chaos everywhere Can Bella stop getting into troubling relationship with men Oh, not to mention that Sally and Nola contemplated suicide few times before Derry, is I think the most reliable one Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes Sally Porter Is A Drab Waitress, Divorcee, And Loner In The Great City But, Though She Is Unaware Of It, She Is Also Four Other, Quite Different People Nola, The Cold Independent Artist Who Has A Studio In Greenwich Village Derry, The Happy Go Lucky Tomboy Bella, The Sexpot With A Talent For Singing And Dancing And Finally Jinx, The Hate Filled Killer Whenever Events Put Too Much Of A Strain On Sally Porter, She Feels A Headache And A Blackout Coming On And A New Character Takes Over If There Is A Man To Be Fascinated, She Will Become Bella If There Is An Intellectual Problem, She Will Become Nola And As Happens In The Opening Scene Of The Novel If There Is A Rapist To Be Dealt With, She Becomes The Vicious Jinx It Is The Task Of The Wise And Patient Psychiatrist, Dr Roger Ash A Man Who Nevertheless Has Severe Problems Of His Own To Deal With This Case Of Multiple Personality And, Through Painstaking Therapy, To Try To Fuse The Four Disparate Personalities Into The Fifth Sally His Struggle And Near Disasters Become The Major Strand Of The Story Sybil And The Three Faces Of Eve Were Case Histories Dealing With Multiple Personality Disorder Although Based On Fact, This Is The First Contemporary Novel, To Deal With The Theme As Fiction ↠´ The Fifth Sally: A Novel ↠´ I was eager to read something and this book seemed interesting to me Was it interesting Yes Fascinting No Breathtaking No Was it easy to predict the end Definitely Actually I enjoyed different ideas that wouldn t be called the main one They pop up in the novel from time to time, though For example themes of upbringing, surroundings, trusting, self development etc If you have a day to spend on reading, this book is what you might be looking for Daniel Keyes ↠´ Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes ß The Fifth Sally: A Novel ß I read this novel before I found Billy Milligan because it was hard to find physical book of Billy Milligan that time Therefore, I think this book helped my desire to read about multiple personalities after Sybil story In compared to Sybil and Billy Milligan, The Fifth Sally is way simpler but I think this story is humane because the psychiatrist is not perfect, he has flaw as well This point makes this novel is interesting Daniel Keyes ß Trailer Ë The Fifth Sally: A Novel PDF by ↠´ Daniel Keyes

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