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Gator ↠´ I can totally understand why people won t like this book, and their issues with the heroine, Mia And honestly, I felt the book a little lacking, needingof a lot of thingsemotion,fun,storySo I kind of feel like I need to stick up for this book a little The Wait What issue that was Mia, well, it wasn t really an issue for me I found it pretty interesting, unique and I genuinely liked Mia Bijou Hunter Î I liked how the hero, Gator, worked her out and read her features And I understood how they could relate to one another, plus the fact that Gator was also emotionally stunted and mentally underdeveloped in other ways too Bijou Hunter Î Mia, well, she s kind of like a woman with Downs Syndrome They like pretty things, girly things, things that are childlike and they feel and sometimes act simplistic like a child But they are women, they think and feel like women as [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆ ☆ Gator ☆ By all the bad reviews, I thought this book was going to be disgustingly horrible and abusive The hero never abuses the heroine or do anything to her without her permission or with the intent to do harm Good Lord people I don t understand what all the hate for this book was about I absolutely LOVED It Contrary to all the belief that there is not an HEA, I m telling all potential readers that there is an HEA Two broken people who come from horrible past filled with death, violence, and not an ounce of love, find their own beautiful Happily Ever After At the beginning of this book you feel a little odd about Gidget and her doll, which I notice a lot of readers find creepy However, if you go on to read the story you will find that there is a reasonable explanation for [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆ GatorMy Scars Terrify Most People, But She Views Me As The Sun, Shining Light Into The Darkness Of Her Past I Am A Killer, Yet Gave Her Life She Is Mine And I Dare Anyone To Stand In My WayMiaI Am Nobody Until Gator Sees Me Through The Scope Of His Rifle My Life Is Suffering And Violence, But He Offers Redemption I Am His And I Dare Anyone To Keep Us ApartGator Is A Standalone Romance Noir Scheduled For Release On Feb , ↠´ Gator Ì re read, 4 1 2 stars, It s no secret that I love Bijou Hunter and all her books, whenever her Damaged series comes out they are auto buys reads for me and even though I have beta read for some of her books I still love them so much that I have to buy them too hey I said at the beginning I loved her books , so when I heard she had a new series out I was ecstatic We getBijou and her great hero s and that means we get something to tide us over between her Damaged books Add to that I get a good bad hero and I m in heaven I love when a hero is a bad guy but when he meets his girl he will do anything for her to make sure she is safe including things that good guys would consider wrong This book was great I didn t want to put it down, I loved that this was different from Ms Hunter s other series and even though it was very different it still was so awesome all on it s own Bijou Hunter å G [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆ ✓ Gator Ù I m sorry but NO Bijou Hunter Ö Assassin and damsel in distress great idea and told from male POV AWESOME But the writing style put me off I m cringing reading this Bijou Hunter Ö [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆ Ê Gator · Definitely not for me Bijou Hunter Ê Like most of the other reviewers I love the damaged series and as a result Bijou is one of the authors I always look out for but I couldn t, no matter how many times I tried get on with this book I like a good alpha male character and I do like them a little dominant and the females therefore less so but this book was on a whole different level, I found it uncomfortable to say the least, these are two people who have suffered, theirs lives have been dreadful and normally I would like a book where the alpha male swoops in and rescues the helpless female because he wants her so much but this was creepy and unsettling especially when she explains about the doll and I m sorry but this is not the book for me I tried on several occasions [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆ Ö Gator Ö This book was entertaining and creepy, but I wouldn t call it sexy No matter how you spin it, Mia was mentally challenged That she knew she was mentally challenged is of no consequence She was essentially a child trapped in a woman s body, so I had a hard time finding any of the sexy times between her and Gator truly titillating Gator ah, now Gator on his own is a sexy beast, and I did love his character He s unapologetic, goes after what he wants, and is a true alpha man with a very, umm, healthy appetite I just wish he would have directed some of that pure sexual energy toward somebody that could have legally consented I would have been all over this book In the end, I did enjoy the writing and the plot The HEA was nice, especially considering both of the main characters beginnings, and I would definitely read this author again Bijou Hunter Ö [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆ ↠´ Gator ☆ My motives for this one were not pure They were shallow in fact GR friends were debating its merits and their ratings were all over the place, so I couldn t resist seeing what all the fuss was about Is she or isn t she a child That seems to be the gist of the debate and the fence that has been drawn around the ick factor of this read For me it s a most definite, resounding, enthusiastic f ck no Gidget Mia is damaged, emotionally and mentally, but her development was not stunted The first female POV chapter clears this up for meThe scars on his face tell a story I can t read words in a book, but I understand his scars I only know his skin looks warm and I want to touch it My fingers caress the sheets the way they want to enjoy him These are decidedly not the musings of a child Bijou Hunter ↠´ She sForrest Gump in nature Quiet, observant in a savant like way, honest and raw, but capable of [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆

↠´ Gator ↠´ 2 Bijou Hunter À 5 AMUSING BUT CREEPY STARSThis is my first Bijou Hunter book and though I don t regret reading it, the writing style is somewhat odd Bijou Hunter À I felt like the author didn t mean for certain things to be entertaining and funny, but because of the weak execution of events, I did indeed find almost everything to be highly amusing and the sex scenes came off as creepy and pedophilic in nature It could be that the short length of the story was a factor for the undeveloped characters and plot, but I just don t know The book begins with merciless and trained assassin Gator who is ordered to kill Mia and her rat bastard of a father On first glance, Gator has this primal need to make Mia his so he doesn t kill her, just her dad The story then progresses with how Gator and Mia grow closer and closer in terms of their new relationship while Gator plots to kill his employer [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆ ☆ Gator ↠´ Let me start this by saying, I know there is a lot of controversy regarding this book One thing I do know, is that you have to keep reading to fully understand these characters Things are not always what they seem in the beginning Bijou Hunter Å Gator is a hired killer Growing up in the swamps of LA with an abusive father and neglect, he is a monster Gator is hired to kill a man and his daughter He takes one look at the daughter, Gidget, and decides she s his and he s going to keep her Gidget is a prostitute Her father, and I use that term loosely, pimps her out She has been doing this for years It is very, very sad One of her neighbors chokes her which leaves her with brain damage The issue here is whether she is left in a child like state or notHearing anger an [Bijou Hunter] ê Gator [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] read Online ☆

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