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Eyeless in Gaza ☆ on speech giving It s easy enough, once you ve made up your mind that it doesn t matter if you make a fool of yourself But it s depressing There s a sense in which 500 people in a hall aren t concrete One s talking to a collective non, an abstraction, not to a set of individuals Only those already partially or completely convinced of what you re saying even want to understand you on marriage only boring people stay married Aldous Huxley ☆ Empirical facts 1 We are all capable of love Aldous Huxley ☆ 2 We impose limitations Aldous Huxley ☆ 3 We can transcend self imposed limitations Aldous Huxley ☆ 4 Love breeds love Hate breeds hate Anthony on his celibacy Mark s asceticism was undertaken for its own sake and above all, for HIS, that he might feel himself separate, intensely himself in a better position to look down on other people Whereas what I was trying to do was to avoid occasions for emphasizing individu [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ ↠´ Eyeless in Gaza ↠´ It s a shame that Huxley is almost solely noted for his rather simplistic Brave New World, when the brilliance of half forgotten works like Point Counter Point Eyeless in Gaza are covered by their years as though stone locked into the times they were written, away from todays readers Both employ brilliant structures to tie in various storylines, albeit in entirely different ways, but Eyeless in Gaza was probably one of the most personal introspective novels of his to date So much so that I was mistaken in believing it was based on memoirs in the first few chapters The central character, Anthony, was a not so thinly disguised Huxley the entire novel seemed to be a type of purging of the self as he took it to criticize this characters flaws li [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ à Eyeless in Gaza à Eyeless in Gaza was one of the most profound books I ve ever read After reading it I immediately wanted to read it again I wanted to sleep with the book under my pillowbut it was a book I checked out of the library, so naturally I was concerned with it being a health risk so close to my face Aldous Huxley à [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ ↠´ Eyeless in Gaza ✓ Published in 1936, Eyeless in Gaza is, at times, referred to as the most personal of Huxley s works Whether this is true, I can t say for sure, but supposedly the protagonist of the novel is based on the Huxley himself and that is what makes this novel personal But aren t all novels personal What I can say, having read this novel and all, is that the protagonist Anthony is quite engaging The novel does focus on the life of the protagonist socialite Anthony Beavis, don t expect the typical life story told in a chronological way The narrative is not exactly chronological and the novel isn t plot driven Eyeless in Gaza is, among other things, a novel of ideasI used to think I had no will to power Now I perceive that I vented it on thoughts, rather than people Conquering an unknown province of knowledge Getting the better of a problem Forcing ideas to ass [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ Ä Eyeless in Gaza ✓ I read this as a follow up to Huxley s first novel, Crome Yellow, written in 1921, when he was in his mid twenties I found it fascinating to see how much he had developed as a novelist by 1936, when he published Eyeless in Gaza The later novel is far richer and far ambitious than the earlier It does not content itself with skimming wittily across the surface of life, but attempts successfully, in my view to go deep Eyeless in Gaza is not a novel for those readers who complain when they can t find anyone to like or admire in a work of fiction Most of the characters are or less morally reprehensible and those few that aren t, like the kind, hapless, vulnerable Brian Foxe, the protagonist s boyhood friend, don t prosper in the novel s cruel world Everyone is or less damaged, propping themselves up with drug [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆

Ù Eyeless in Gaza ¾ It was Samson who fought the Philistines, whose nazirite locks were lost due to female duplicity and resulting in his enslavement and his condition of being Eyeless in Gaza Aldous Huxley  Along with Hesse, Huxley was required reading back in my teenage years, after all, there he was on the cover of Sgt Pepper Having read The Doors of Perception Heaven and Hell , Brave New World and Island all those years ago, it has been a joy to return to this masters writing and still find it exquisite Eyeless in Gaza was published in 1936 Huxley s highly intellectual narrative is supremely erudite and flows across the pages like honey Even so, I have to admit that I was hanging on to this story by the barest of threads for a while Each chapter hops backwards and forwards across the first few decades of the twentieth century, continually introducing characters, school friends, family and lovers [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ Ð Eyeless in Gaza É Roman de idei, foarte concentrat dpdv intelectual, nu foarte lejer pentru neuronii mei Nu e greu, dar nu e totusi o lectura de vacanta, ca sa zic asa Motiv pentru care am luat si retetele Babettei pe linga, ca suport Ma bucur ca nu i am dat pace si m am tot caznit cu el, putin cite putin Ceea ce a fost foarte bine, pentru ca finalul, sa zicem ultimele 150 de pagini, dupa ce m am prins eu cum sta toata treaba, a fost excelent Aldous Huxley É Pe linga faptul ca e asa mai intelectuala de felul ei, cartea e scrisa sub forma unui puzzle Cele 50 si ceva de capitole se intind pe vreo 30 de ani, dar din fericire se concentreaza pe citeva evenimente disparate mai importante, iar cititorul nu are decit sa faca legaturile de rigoare pentru a stabili continuitatea Si odata ce te obisnuiesti cu stilul, povestea e intr adevar captivanta Cum spuneam, pe mine m a prins mai mult in p [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ ☆ Eyeless in Gaza ☆ I read Eyeless in Gaza when I was 18 and again in my 20 s In my opinion this is Huxley s best novel Early on Huxley s main character, who is no doubt based on himself, states Like all other human beings, I know what I ought to do, but continue to do what I know I oughtn t to do And that sums up his quest for transformation The novel simultaneously weaves together 3 separate story timelines showing how his childhood shapes the mistakes of his adolescents and the cushion his sardonic personality provides in adulthood Aldous Huxley ☆ Ultimately I think this is a novel about one trying to engage their real self and transcend their mistakes and fears by finding meaning in a higher power For Huxley that was mysticism and pacifism right before WWII broke out Aldous Huxley ☆ The text is quite often cerebral and cynical but other times is beautifully poetic and optimistic I ca [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ ↠´ Eyeless in Gaza Ï That was the chief difference between literature and life In books, the proportion of exceptional to commonplace people is high in reality, very low Aldous Huxley Ï Practically bed ridden, incapacitated and unable to sleep I completed this chewy hulk of a novel in 24 hours Overflowing with ideas, Eyeless asks about Action what is one to do Anthony, one of the novels chief characters remains preoccupied with freedom throughout his life The narrative rotates between 5 or so timelines and flips back to each periodically, like Moloch gleefully dealing Texas Hold em Others are debauched or likewise stalwarts in various ideologies Huxley asserts through the fog of politics and history that a point might be, just keep it simple Take it easy on your colon Don t try to fuck people over Make amends There are no overt references to gardens, but I accept that such is i [Aldous Huxley] Ò Eyeless in Gaza [abuse PDF] read Online ☆ Written At The Height Of His Powers Immediately After Brave New World, Aldous Huxley S Highly Acclaimed Eyeless in Gaza Is His Most Personal Novel Huxley S Bold, Nontraditional Narrative Tells The Loosely Autobiographical Story Of Anthony Beavis, A Cynical Libertine Oxford Graduate Who Comes Of Age In The Vacuum Left By World War I Unfulfilled By His Life, Loves, And Adventures, Anthony Is Persuaded By A Charismatic Friend To Become A Marxist And Take Up Arms With Mexican Revolutionaries But When Their Disastrous Embrace Of Violence Nearly Kills Them, Anthony Is Left Shattered And Is Forced To Find An Alternative To The Moral Disillusionment Of The Modern World

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