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Internationally Publicized As The Happiest Place On Earth Decades Before Disney Arrived, The Sunshine State Experienced A Brief And Wondrous Economic Boom In The Mid S Entrepreneurs And Real Estate Developers Became Overnight Millionaires As They Created Luxury Seaside Resorts, Golfing Communities And Country Clubs Greats, Near Greats, The Famous, The Infamous, Movie Stars, Politicians, Athletes, Ne Er Do Wells, Preachers, Foreign Royalty, Con Artists, Educators, Labor Leaders, Union Members, Every Element Of American And World Society Flocked To The Pleasure Paradise Of The World Florida Was A Perpetual Motion Machine, Destined To Go On Forever But In , Small Bank Failures Led To Panic, The New Federal Income Tax Law Led To Bankruptcy And A Series Of Hurricanes Decimated The Tourist Trade Florida S Great Boom Had Gone Bust, Not To Recover Until World War II However, Floridians Remained Optimistic That The Sun Of Prosperity Would Rise Again Paradise for Sale ¼ This book is very specific about the history of FL land speculation in the mid 1920s with a little background and a little follow up to present day 2009 I loved the sections that dealt with my local history Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Miami, however there are other sections of the book that I skipped and I do not regret it Some sections read a little drier than others, like a textbook, whereas others read conversationally like a blog post It s a nice short read for a plane ride or a lazy afternoon, if this subject interests you Nick Wynne Ë [ read Online Paradise for Sale » medievalesque PDF ] by Nick Wynne É

Paradise for Sale ✓ Interesting, mostly to see how Florida was basically a huge Ponzi scheme built on land speculation and schemes designed to make money for millionaires [ read Online Paradise for Sale » medievalesque PDF ] by Nick Wynne É ï Paradise for Sale Þ Bound SunPost Weekly April 2, 2010http www Nick Wynne æ sunpostweekly Nick Wynne æ com 2010 04 Selling The Pleasure Paradise of the World Chronicling Florida s First Booms and BustsJohn HoodThere is no shortage of good books about what makes the Sunshine State so great Hell, the SunPost s very own Seth Bramson has himself written a small library full of them There s also a large barrage dedicated to what makes our state not so great, from the flimflam artists that first staked claim to this tropical paradise, to the politicos that have made their careers out of fleecing the very people who voted em into office Nick Wynne æ Paradise for Sale Florida s Booms and Busts The History Press 21 Nick Wynne æ 99 is a bit of both On the one hand, authors Nick Wynne and Richard Moorhead cite the benevolent barons of our collective past, the Flaglers and Deerings and Merricks and Mizners On the other, the two go to some length to get with [ read Online Paradise for Sale » medievalesque PDF ] by Nick Wynne É

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