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Gal Pagos Takes The Reader Back One Million Years, To ADA Simple Vacation Cruise Suddenly Becomes An Evolutionary Journey Thanks To An Apocalypse, A Small Group Of Survivors Stranded On The Gal Pagos Islands Are About To Become The Progenitors Of A Brave, New, And Totally Different Human Race In This Inimitable Novel, America S Master Satirist Looks At Our World And Shows Us All That Is Sadly, Madly Awry And All That Is Worth Saving ✓ Galápagos ✓ When all was said and done, the creatures of the Gal pagos Islands were a pretty listless bunch compared with rhinos and hippos and lions and elephants and so onLeon Trotsky Trout is as dead as a dodo but is nevertheless the incorporeal narrator of a story that is told a million years into our future Kurt Vonnegut ✓ Trout recounts a sequence of evolutionary events that begin in 1986, as a bunch of bipedal misfits gather in Ecuador for The Nature Cruise of the Century Looking back at humankind, from a million years in the future perspective, we are a freakish bunch we possess oversized brains that we don t make the best use of, and we even give names to dogs Kurt Vonnegut ✓ Also, because our brains were the size of fat mangoes and not yet atrophied by evolution, a discussion between a husband and wife und [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ ç Galápagos ç Rewritten after rereading in July 2012 Kurt Vonnegut ç This darkly humorous satire starts with a world financial crisis in 1986 hopefully that s where the similarity with current times ends , leading to WW3 though it s not really about either it s fundamentally about adaptation A million years in the future, the only humans left on Earth are the descendants of a small but diverse group of survivors of a Galapagos islands cruise, and they arelike seals than 20th century humans Most of the story is set between the run up to the cruise and the passengers first few years on the island, but it is certainly not a Robinson Crusoe type story it is farprovocative than that, raising issues of fate independence, the meaning and importance of intelligence and ultimately, what makes us human Kurt Vonnegut ç Like all good dystopias if that s not an oxymoron , the individual steps to it don t really stretch cre [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ ✓ Galápagos ï When I finish novels by Haruki Murakami or Kurt Vonnegut, I m not always sure what I ve read That was definitely the case with Vonnegut s Galapagos It was thought provoking and I laughed a number of times Did I understand it, though For Vonnegut, nothing is serious At the same time, these not serious parts are what most of us view as supremely important When Vonnegut writes about the solution to overpopulation, for instance, it is really funny, but just how we adapt to a changing world is something we need to grapple with I tried to imagine the evolutionary changes a million years in the future Vonnegut was describing I even tried to figure out what was happening on the nature cruise of the century circa 1986 AD So, all in all, I enjoyed reading Galapagos, but I can t say just what happened When I read it again sometime in the fut [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ ì Galápagos Ý In this era of big brains, anything which can be done will be done so hunker downKurt Vonnegut, Gal pagosTrying to stay a couple books ahead of my son as I re read Vonnegut I haven t read much since those years between 13 and 18 when I seemed to burn through Vonnegut books again and again He was one of those few writers I ever read twice Dickens, Shakespeare, and Hugo are a few others So, now as an adult I am approaching these books again God I love this man I love his hopeful, resigned cynicism about the modern era He writes as an outsider, but also as a friend if that makes any sense This novel is so brilliant in its simplicity Kilgore Trout s son Leon Trotsky Trout narrates a tale that covers one million years He is a ghost, [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ ↠´ Galápagos ☆ Gal pagos, Kurt Vonnegut Gal pagos is the eleventh novel written by American author Kurt Vonnegut The novel questions the merit of the human brain from an evolutionary perspective The title is both a reference to the islands on which part of the story plays out, and a tribute to Charles Darwin on whose theory Vonnegut relies to reach his own conclusions It was first published in 1985 by Delacorte Press Kurt Vonnegut å Main characters Leon Trout, dead narrator and son of Kilgore TroutHernando Cruz, first mate of the Bah a de DarwinMary Hepburn, an American widow who teaches at Ilium High SchoolRoy Hepburn, Mary s husband who died in 1985 from a brain tumorAkiko Hiroguchi, the daughter of Hisako that will be born with fur covering her entire bodyHisako Hiroguchi, a teacher of ikebana and Zenji s pregnant wifeZenji Hiroguchi, a Japanese computer ge [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ ✓ Galápagos Ó One million years in the future, a man recounts humanity s origins in the Galapagos islands Kurt Vonnegut ☆ This was the third Kurt Vonnegut book I ve read and my third favorite Actually, it reminds me of one of Grandpa Simpson s rambling stories that circles back on itself, only with novel y bits like themes and messages and such Kurt Vonnegut ☆ Galapagos is part satire, part cautionary tale There s a shipwreck on Galapagos and it turns out those people are the only ones who can reproduces I m pretty sure this is mentioned in the first two pages Anyway, one million years in the future, humanity is a whole other species Kurt Vonnegut ☆ Galapagos deals in evolution, environmentalism, and anti war Also, humanity s big brains are blamed for most of their problems The world of Galapagos is in a global economic crisis Yeah, a lot has c [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ Galápagos Í Gal pagos is Kurt Vonnegut s satirical tribute to Charles Darwin The narrator of the tale is a ghost existing for a million years and witnessing everything from the beginning to the end Nothing could be less inviting than the first appearance A broken field of black basaltic lava, thrown into the most rugged waves, and crossed by great fissures, is everywhere covered by stunted, sun burnt brushwood, which shows little signs of life The dry and parched surface, being heated by the noon day sun, gave to the air a close and sultry feeling, like that from a stove we fancied even that the bushes smelt unpleasantly Charles Darwin The Voyage of the BeagleThe story is also a spoof of Noah s Ark but instead of landing on Mount Ararat the ship la [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ ✓ Galápagos Ö The serene Galapagos Islands, named after the famous giant turtles, discovered there, almost 600 miles west of impoverished Ecuador, in a remote part of the vast Pacific the small nation, that owns them, was made famous by scientist Charles Darwin, when the HMS Beagle, a British Royal Navy, surveying ship, visited these bleak, isles, encompassing 21, in number, not countingthan 100, minuscule peaks, breaking the surface, of the sometimes cold, deep blue waters, in 1835, strange animals were observed, by the soon to be renowned, perpetually seasick, young naturalist and geologist A century and a half, later, things have drastically changed noisy tourists no longer at the end of the world, access by ships and airplanes, these exotic Galapagos, now have airports and sea docks, there, and even people resid [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ Î Galápagos Î Just about every adult human being back then had a brain weighing about three kilograms There was no end to the evil schemes that a thought machine that oversized couldn t imagine and execute No so it goes , but and so on does make the occasional appearances This quote represents what appears to be the basic theme of Gal pagos The big brain is humanity s downfall Though I believe Vonnegut means somethingsubtle than that Gal pagos is about a group of survivors of an apocalypse after and before the rest of humanity is wiped out, thanks to our big brains Because this is a Kurt Vonnegut book don t go in expecting a post apocalypse thriller like The Stand best not to expect anything and just go on the wild ride The story is mainly set in 1986 and sometimes fast forward one million years to 1,0 [Kurt Vonnegut] ó Galápagos [womens-rights PDF] read Online Æ

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