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Hizbullah Is Not Only A Leading Political Actor In Lebanon And A Dynamic Force In The Middle East, But It Is Also Distinguished By A Sophisticated Communication Strategy From Relatively Humble Beginnings In The S, Hizbullah S Political Clout And Its Public Perception Have Followed An Upward Trajectory, Thanks To A Political Programme That Blends Military, Social, Economic And Religious Elements And Adapts To Changes In Its Environment Its Communication Strategy Is Similarly Adaptive, Supporting The Group S Political Objectives Hizbullah S Target Audience Has Expanded To A Regional And Global Viewership Its Projected Identity, Too, Shifted From An Islamist Resistance Party Opposed To Israel S Presence In Lebanon To A Key Player Within The Lebanese State At The Same Time, Hizbullah S Image Has Retained Fixed Features, Including Its Image As An Ally Of Iran Its Role As A Resistance Group To Israel And Its original Base As A Religious Party Representative Of The Lebanese Shiites The Authors Of This Book Address How Hizbullah Uses Image, Language And Its Charismatic Leader, Hassan Nasrallah, To Legitimise Its Political Aims And Ideology And Appeal To Different Target Groups Û The Hizbullah Phenomenon ☆ For its length this work provides a thorough analysis of Hizbollah s use of media I found the chapter on poetry particularly interesting There are other works about the use of media and television in this context but I have had trouble getting insight into contemporary Arabic poetry and politics so this section was a great find I have one small complaint, a note on the word takfiri On page 179 the term is used, followed by an explanation in parentheses i Lina Khatib ☆ e non believers Perhaps as a catch all phrase that the party may use to describe all of their enemies this might work Or it has colloquial connotations of which I am unaware So I very well might be wrong, but in this context someone who is not familiar with the term or the r [ read Online The Hizbullah Phenomenon ä canadian-literature PDF ] by Lina Khatib é

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