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The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) ☆ There are moments and events of our lives that shape the person we become For Whitney, it was the suicide of her father and the loss of her mother to cancer that have left her fearful of close relationships When she is called back to North Carolina to care for her stepfather, with whom she has butted heads far too many times, she also must confront her memories Trying to save the restaurants she owns with her cousin in Michigan, she scours the old hotel for pieces of value to turn into some quick cash What she discovers is letters, torn and scattered, giving a written account of the peoples of the Smokey Mountains authored by her Great Aunt Alice, whom she knew nothing about Alice was part of the Works Progress Administration to record the history of various areas of the U Lisa Wingate ☆ S Here we learn of Melungeons and others living in the Appalachia area during the Great Depression From Alice s ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓ à The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) à 3 Lisa Wingate à 5 stars I have to say that I struggled a bit to get into this one, I didn t really feel a connection to Whitney I did persevere with reading it and for the most part, liked it With the exception of Denise, I also liked the supporting characters I was drawn in to the story of Alice than that of Whitney, but felt a little let down that some of the story was left unanswered, especially since this is the last of the trilogy Overall, a pretty good read Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review Lisa Wingate à ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓ Wingate S Third Carolina Book read The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) Follows The Highly Reviewed, The Prayer Box And The Story Keeper As Well As Related Three NovellasFrom Modern Day Roanoke Island To The Sweeping Backdrop Of North Carolina S Blue Ridge Mountains And Roosevelt S WPA Folklore Writers, Past And Present Intertwine To Create An Unexpected DestinyRestaurant Owner Whitney Monroe Is Desperate To Save Her Business From A Hostile Takeover The Inheritance Of A Decaying Gilded Age Hotel On North Carolina S Outer Banks May Provide Just The Ray Of Hope She Needs But Things At The Excelsior Are Complicated Than They Seem Whitney S Estranged Stepfather Is Entrenched On The Third Floor, And The Downstairs Tenants Are Determined To Save The Historic Building Searching Through Years Of Stored Family Heirlooms May Be Whitney S Only Hope Of Quick Cash, But Will The Discovery Of An Old Necklace And A Depression Era Love Story Change Everything » The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) » A perfect summer beach read Except I was missing the beach ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓ ☆ The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) É Such am exquisite book The two threads went well together though the letters didn t capture my attention nearly as much as the modern day one and I confess, I skimmed at times It all intertwined together though so read carefully ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓ í The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) í 3 Lisa Wingate í 5 starsNot sure to round up or down on the official star ratingThis was my first experience reading a Lisa Wingate book The cover on this one is beautiful and drew my interest initially I didn t realize I was jumping in at book 3 of a trilogy I think it read fine as a stand alone with no background A few times I was confused by the characters but not sure if reading the others would ve helped or not Overall, I had a good reading experience with this one It s a dual time line story with the past being told through old letters Our main present day character, Whitney, is a bit tough to warm to I never felt close to her I did like Mark, her love interest and the young surfer Joel Alice, the letter writer, is easier to get to know and her story is interesting overall Able Tom a ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓ ô The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) õ Set in idyllic coastal North Carolina s Outer Banks, master storyteller, Lisa Wingatebrings her captivating, beautiful Carolina Series, full circle with 3, THE SEA KEEPER S DAUGHTERS a multi generational journey, from past to present of history, family, and renewal Lisa Wingate Æ As the book opens Whitney is struggling with her restaurant, fighting local politics, codes, and all sorts of things to stall her progress She needs money She also needs to protect the others she s involved She receives a call regarding her stepfather, Clyde from the Outer Banks He is in the hospital, after falling and being trapped for four days She feels she is safe enough returning home There is a backstory here, how he waived the will in their faces It is time to go back, as her mom had begged her to go through her grandmother s things years earlier ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓ ☆ The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) ☆ Lisa Wingate has become one of my favorite authors that I ve recently discovered I didn t read this series in order, or even read the books one after the other, but it s definitely one of my favorites Lisa Wingate ☆ In The Sea Keeper s Daughters, Whitney travels to Roanoke Island to do what needs to be done with a hotel that has been left to her After receiving a call about her stepfather, who occupies the converted third floor of the hotel, it s clear that he can t continue by himself Then there s a matter of the second floor, used as storage throughout the years, layers of both useless leftovers from the hotel s glory days, as well as items of historical and sentimental value Add to that business owners whose shops grace the first floor and Whitney has her hands full with trying to figure out what to do, and her livelihood back in M ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓

à The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) à Lovely Sweet Enlightening and Inspiring This installment in Lisa Wingate s Carolina Heirlooms Series is all of these things A soft spoken, kindly novel lifting the veil of family secrets in relation to race, heritage, unrequited love, grief, and the effects of echelon expectations Perhaps denial is the mind s way of protecting the heart from a sucker punch it can t handle Or maybe it s simpler than that Maybe denial in the face of overwhelming evidence is a mere byproduct of stubbornness Whitney Monroe is having a run of bad luck, struggling to keep her two Minnesota restaurants out of the red Thanks in part to a greed thirsty saboteur, Whitney is facing trumped up building and health code infractions, possibly losing restaurant number two as a result ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓ è The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) è I was privileged to read an early copy Once again, Wingate knocks it out of the park It s a real page turner and a book where you ll get totally involved with the characters And you ll catch up with some of the characters from The Prayer Box and The Story Keeper Definitely, I recommend you put on your To Be read list It s releasing September 1, and is available for pre order now, I see Lisa Wingate è ¿ read ç The Sea Keepers Daughters (Carolina #3) by Lisa Wingate ✓

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