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È Notre-Dame de Paris ↠´ If these stones could speakVictor Hugo wrote this book in 1829, largely to make his contemporaries aware of the value of the Gothic architecture, which was neglected and often destroyed, only to be replaced by new buildings or defaced by replacing parts of buildings in a newer style such as the beautiful glass window of N tre Dame Victor Hugo È The actual French title translates to Our Lady in Paris as it is not really about Quasimodo but about the cathedral of N tre Dame Victor Hugo È Now, in order to understand the core story, I have to go somewhat into detail For those, who don t want to know, I recommend skipping this paragraph, fair warning Victor Hugo È We find ourselves in Paris in 1482 Archdeacon Frollo is torn between his oaths and his obsessive lust for the gypsy Esmeralda He therefore instructs Quasimodo to kidnap Esmeralda Quasimodo, a Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo º Notre-Dame de Paris ↠´ 922 Notre Dame de Paris Our Lady of Paris The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor HugoThe Hunchback of Notre Dame is a French Romantic Gothic novel by Victor Hugo, published in 1831 The story is set in Paris in 1482 during the reign of Louis XI The gypsy Esmeralda born as Agnes captures the hearts of many men, including those of Captain Phoebus and Pierre Gringoire, but especially Quasimodo and his guardian Archdeacon Claude Frollo Frollo is torn between his obsessive lust for Esmeralda and the rules of Notre Dame Cathedral He orders Quasimodo to kidnap her, but Quasimodo is captured by Phoebus and his guards, who save Esmeralda Gringoire, who attempted to help Esmeralda but was knocked out by Quasimodo, is about to be hanged by beggars when Esmeralda saves him by agreeing to marry him for four years The following day, Quasimodo is sentenc Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo ↠´ Notre-Dame de Paris µ Okay, I m glad I read this book, if only to find out just how badly Disney ruined the story for the sake of their embarassing excuse for a film the horrendous straight to video sequel, which I fortunately only saw previews for, will not be spoken of at all Victor Hugo has a gift for the most ungodly depressing stories, but he writes very well when he s not rambling pointlessly to stretch out his page count But I can t bring myself to give this four stars, and for one simple reason with the exception of Quasimodo and Esmeralda, every single character in this book is an insufferable dickhead Frollo, obviously, deserves to be fed to sharks simply for the mind boggling levels of creepiness he manages to achieve over the course of the story Phoebus is even of a fratboy asshole that I d previously thought, and the way he decides to seduce Esmeralda despite the fact that she s the Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo Ü Notre-Dame de Paris ¹ While reading this book I started to notice how little the Hunchback is in it A Goodreads friend mentioned that this is why the title for it in France is actually Our Lady of Paris For some reason, English translations chose the the Hunchback for the title Victor Hugo Ü If other books, movies, or TV shows named themselves based on a character that was involved as much as Quasimodo was in this story, here is what they would be called Star Wars ChewbaccaHarry Potter Neville LongbottomThe Big Bang Theory Howard WalowitzThe Shining Danny Torrance Frozen OlafLost Smoke MonsterAll those characters are important to the stories, but they are hardly the main focus While this is the case with this book, it is not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing to be aware of going in you really don t get very much Quasimodo Victor Hugo Ü After reading and l Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo ë Notre-Dame de Paris ☆ Written by Victor Hugo, who also brought us the wonderful classic Les Mis rables which in some ways is very similar to this story I noticed a sort of parallel between Inspector Javert and Claude Frollo , this large classic features deep characters, dark but important thematic elements and morality which isn t always so black and white Until recently my only experience with The Hunchback of Notre Dame had been watching the 1990 s Disney animated film on VHS as a kid, which was waaaay back in 2005, and my memory of it isn t so good, except that I remember being disappointed by the ending, in which Esmeralda inevitably doesn t love Quasimodo in spite of him being a kind person I was eight years old it hadn t occurred to me back then that life rarely works out that way , and feeling very sorry for poor Frollo in his eventual demise god knows why he was scary back th Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo

↠´ Notre-Dame de Paris Ó Victor Hugo ties in the destinies of a handful people in Paris in the late fifteenth century so cleverly and atmospheric together in a tragedy, that it belongs to the most known dramas in European literature The significance of this work is based on the psychological archetypes that Hugo portrays as tragic characters The author characterized the underlying society with particular destinies and psychographics Church, nobility, poets and criminality of the contemporary Paris, which are here represented by individual fates, are leading to genre picture of this time I personally think that Hugo s excellent narrative style and ability to act are complex and intelligent Victor Hugo ✓ Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo Î Notre-Dame de Paris Ü Victor Hugo s Les Mis rables is one of my all time favourite novels and so it s odd that I ve never read any of his other books In order to fill in the gaps in my reading, I ve decided to read at least one classic a month this year and am so glad I started with The Hunchback of Notre Dame Wow, wow WOW What a freaking good story It s not quite as good as Les Mis but it s still incredible At times Hugo can be long winded and I could have thrown the Kindle across the room when he rambled on for 50 or so pages describing Notre Dame and the view from there However, as I didn t fancy breaking the Kindle and having to buy a new one, I reined myself in and plowed through it Maybe physical books ARE better than e books in this case After that section, thankfully near the beginning, the book was very enjoyable and gripping But damn It will Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo ó Notre-Dame de Paris ê ok i ll be honest i hated the first 150 pages and had i not been reading it for book club i would have abandoned it about 300 pages in i started to think it was okay around 400 i really liked it at page 450 i couldn t put it down i stayed up till 2am last night finishing it so is it worth the painful first half to get to the second half now that i ve done it i would say so victor hugo could have used a good editor pages and pages of diatribes and descriptions that made me feel like pulling my hair out but the story is chilling and wonderful i understood after reading it why there are so many abridged versions of course its a piece out of history melodramatic and predictable but one expects that all in all i felt satisfied going to bed last night having read such a great book still next time i read Hu Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo ↠´ Notre-Dame de Paris Þ I have officially been wooed by nineteenth century French literature First Dumas and now this I just finished reading Victor Hugo s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and it was fantastic The characters, the themes, the literary structures Ahhh swoons Before I proclaim my love affair with Victor Hugo, I have to mention some negatives First off very, very difficult book to get into I struggled through at least the first hundred pages, and I m not that hard to please Secondly, up until this point, I had always thought that abridged novels were ridiculous How could the editors take parts out and still have the story make sense Upon reading unabridged Hugo, I understand The man had complete chapters devoted to discussing the history of Paris or the history of the cathedral, and while I admit that it was a clever way to show off his knowledge and spread his political ideals, it was not what I b Download Epub Format ¾ Notre-Dame de Paris PDF by Í Victor Hugo Though Written At The Beginning Of The Romantic Era, This Remarkable French Historical Romance Takes Place In Medieval Paris At The Cathedral Of Notre Dame It Is There That The Deformed Quasimodo Has Gone Deaf Ringing The Grand Church S Bells For His Adoptive Father Dom Claude Frollo The Severe Priest, Though He Looks After The Grotesque Quasimodo, Ignores The Public Persecution That The Man Suffers Whenever He Leaves The Cathedral, And It Is At Just Such A Moment Of Vulnerability That The Lovely Young Gypsy Esmeralda Shows Quasimodo An Act Of Kindness That Leads To His Inner Transformation Though Still Hated By Everyone, Quasimodo S Sleeping Soul Awakens And Grows In An Extraordinary Conversion To The Sublime, Allowing Him To Care For And Protect Esmeralda Even As Those Who Admired Her Come To Fear And Despise Her A Commanding And Epic Melodrama Fully Utilizing The Extremes Of Passion And Religion In The Bygone Gothic Era, Hugo S Novel Explores Social Justice Through The Suffering Of His Characters, Though With A Compassion And Melancholy That Belies The Author S Conviction In The Impossibility Of Salvation In His Contemporary World This Edition Follows The Translation Of Isabel F Hapgood And Includes A Biographical Afterword

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