Trailer ☆ The Other Side of Heaven PDF by é Russell Vassallo

I Would Have Asked God To Strike Me Sooner If Only I Had Known The Profit Of Dying From A Widow Maker Heart Attack The Doctors Gave Me Little Chance Of Surviving And Yet A Gift From God Kept Me Alive, But I Was To Learn Much, Much Patience Love Forgiveness InsightI Saw The Outline Of Heaven Not Far Off In The Distance No Light In The Tunnel No Angels Singing Or Playing Harps Just An Exquisite Aura Of Harmony And PeaceMy Death And Resurrection Awoke In Me All The Knowledge I Had Denied Myself Over The Years I Saw Myself For What I Truly Was I Saw Those Who Loved Me For The Very First Time I Felt The Pain And Troubles Of Others I Felt The Hand Of God Touching Me With His Love, I Know Things Far Beyond What I Should Know, Even The Deep Secrets Of My Wife An Family My Guardian Angel Malchias, Now Inspires Me With Knowledge I Can See Good And Evil In The Eyes Of OthersMost Of Know We Have A Guardian Angel, But How Many Of Us Can Converse With Him He Has Given Me A Wisdom And Knowledge Far Beyond That Which I Ever Had I See The Dead And Their Spirits I Feel The Sensitivities Of Other People I Exude Love And Receive Love In Return If I Had Known What I Would Learn About God And My Own Life, I Would Have Wished And Prayed For This Heart Attack Fifty Years Ago By Granting Me The Gift Of Life, God Has Touched Me In A Very Special Way And In That Special Way, I See The World And Life With Insight And Appreciation For Truly God Is Great And Truly He Has Marked Me With His Love

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