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Sara Douglass Has The Breadth Of Vision Necessary To Create Sweeping Epics And The Storyteller S Gift That Makes Readers Love Her Locus Sara Douglas Fans Have Been Eagerly Awaiting The Third Book Ebook Epub Download The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) Of Her Epic DarkGlass Mountain Fantasy Trilogy And Now The Dramatic Conclusion Is Here The Infinity Gate A Magnificent Tale Of Love, Magic, And Betrayal Set In The World Of Her Bestselling Wayfarer Redemption Has The Sweep, Passion, And Excitement Of The Best World Building Efforts Of Jacqueline Carey, Raymond E Feist, Robin Hobb, And Lois McMaster Bujold, As It Brings Douglas S Breathtaking Fantasy Saga To A Powerful And Extraordinarily Satisfying End ✓ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) ✓ Oh, but this was disappointing Sara Douglass ✓ Sara Douglass has a whole slew of books set in this universe, some stand alone novels and some series I started into the universe with Book 1 of this trilogy The Serpent Bride , but that s the 9th book in I thought I was missing some history, so read its sequel The Twisted Citadel then went back and read four so far of the ones I d missed But this was just published and so I jumped back to the Darkglass Mountain books Sara Douglass ✓ It still doesn t work for me It still jumps between too many characters and too many plot lines I think this trilogy is supposed to be Maximillian s and Ishbel s, but they were nearly non existent in the story till the end There are still way too many different kinds of magic in this world which feels [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ Ñ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) Ñ A wonderful, intricate, well written and interesting finale to an amazing trilogy Hats off to Sara for her ability to drag the reader into the world her characters inhabit and to create intricate characters and a rich landscape So many heroes, so many enemies not black against white, but grey against darker grey, if you get me Loved that the heroes were not flawless, and the bad guys weren t all completely evil, simply less good, trying to get the best deal for themselves and their followers Loved it, gonna look out forfrom this author for sure xx [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ ê The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) ê Sara is one of my all time favourite authors I will not hesitate to buy one of her new releases and I have enjoyed all of her books and I enjoyed this one, but I found myself slightly dissatisfied with this book This book was very plot driven We ve had two books to get to know a lot of characters, and I felt we really did get to know some of them quite well but in this book it was nearly all action Action, action, action There was not many personal moments, and characters who were once prominent were now put on the complete backburner Salome for example is not even mentioned until the last third of the book A lot of the characters felt2D, than the 3D rounded characters they had been in the past And there were characters who I now wo [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ ô The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) ô Considering the health of Sara at the time of publication, I say GREAT read The world lost a fantastic storyteller and this is one of her last books [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ ò The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) ò I really enjoyed this book enjoyed all of her books in these connected trilogies I m bummed because she leaves it open ended and the author is terminally ill So noI guess I wantedof ending seeing as she knew her situation Does this make me sound heartless I m sorry if so, but I think we all have had that feeling of, oh no don t let anything happen to them before they finish [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ á The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) á 5 StarsThe Infinity Gate is the third book in the DarkGlass Mountain series by Sara Douglass Part of my 2019 reading challenge was to read an Australian author well how do I narrow that down, there are so many great Aussie authors, but Ms Douglass was one of the first Aussie authors whose work I fell in love with I have devoured everything she had ever written and was devastated when she lost her battle with cancer back in 2011 Her books really stuck with me over time, and I don t revisit them as often as I d like The last few months have been emotionally draining for me, and I really wanted needed to lose myself in another world so I chose to revisit some old favourites that have a comforting nostalgia associated with them I couldn t choose just one of her books, they are all great, and quite a few of them ar [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ î The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) î For me, this book is so bittersweet While The Wayfarer Redemption trilogy the second trilogy in the series had a full sense of closure in fact, I was at first surprised when Douglass returned to this fictional world , this book does not It outright tells you that there is so muchthat s going to happen And that s all well and good, but unfortunately, Douglass passed away in 2011, which means those adventures are never to be written at least, by her there s a part of me praying she left outlines of books to come and her estate is just looking for the right person maybe one chosen by prophecy hahaha to pick up the pen on her behalf So in that regard, the book s entire movement feels like an act of reluctant engagement for the fan reader because it ends the book but it doesn [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ ¶ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) ¶ Before talking about the Infinity Gate, the conclusion to the Darkglass Mountain trilogy by Sara Douglass, just a quick word about her previous works that led to this trilogy Sara Douglass ¸ First of all I liked very much the first trilogy, Battleaxe , Enchanter and Starman The story, embedded in the magic of prophecy, surprised me a few times and kept me going for the entire trilogy without being bored Sure, the characters are very black and white, it s a good fairy tale ending type of story, but still I liked the originality of the magic system, and the good feeling I had with the way the land Tencendor was created, and the variety of its magical beings On the other hand, I hated the second trilogy Sinner , Pilgrim , and [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ Ý The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) Ý There were so many problems with this book If I wanted to, I could just file through the characters and catalog all the issues that way, but just as I gave zero fucks about the characters and what an achievement since I had at one time actually cared about some of them I give relatively few fucks about this book Don t read the trilogy at all Pretend it never happened You will be happier that way Also, I was laboring somewhat under the hypothesis that this may in fact have been ghost written Douglass s books do vary quite widely in quality, but since these books are the absolute WORST of hers, while being the last published I think , it seems possible that she was not entirely responsible for this steaming pile of refuse Sara Douglass Ý [Sara Douglass] ¸ The Infinity Gate (Darkglass Mountain, #3) [speculative-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼

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