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Vanilla Bright like Eminem à I ll admit that I only picked the book up because of the title, but the reviews I ve read were decent so I had high expectations The stories has the potential to be very good however I felt that the execution of the stories was poor I understand that these are just short stories, and they are supposed to be an insight into human emotion, but I just got disappointed the further into the book that I got The first story made no sense to me and the rest of the stories didn t get much better There were one or two stories that were good, but still the abrupt endings were disappointing to me I kept reading this book hopping that it would get better, but it just didn t I don t think it was a horrible book, but I definitely didn t like it I may pick up another of Faber s books because like I said I thought many of the stories had very good po [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸ ☆ Vanilla Bright like Eminem ✓ Pretty disappointingly unfortunately I think the writer was done a disservice by the tile, which I hate to say was part of my desire to read the book in the first place A series of short stories which depict individuals at turning points in their lives , and nothing before or after The stories are intriguing enough to get you to read through them, but always end right before the final pay off, and in general leave you feeling kind of gypped On top of that, the writing itself is not all that beautiful to justify the lack of plot You read it figuing, hey, its not amazing writing, but at least it is a neat story, and then the story leaves off right as you are about to really find out something interesting The most misleading part is the Eminem in the title, which is als [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸ Michel Faber Is Not Only A Master Storyteller But A Daring Innovator As Well Here Are The Pitch Perfect Prose, Indelible Characterizations, And Deep Empathy For Which He Has Been Highly Acclaimed Here Also Is A Satirical Streak That Depicts Individuals At Uncanny And All Too Familiar Turning Points In Their Lives The Alienated Find Sanctuary In The Safehouse, Their Histories And Diagnoses Written Like Endless Ads On Their T Shirts In Andy Comes Back, A Man Awakens After A Five Year Coma, Only To Flee His Home In The Eyes Of The Soul, Perpetual Televised Beauty Replaces The Derelict View From A Suburban Picture Window In Finesse, A Dictator Holds His Surgeon S Family Hostage To The Outcome Of A Risky Operation These Sixteen Stories Move From Unspeakable Sadness Through Moments Of Exquisitely Distilled Happiness ↠´ Vanilla Bright like Eminem ß Apparently some of these stories are repackaged from earlier collection but this is the first time I ve bumped into the I have enjoyed Michel Faber s other books, especially the intriguing and poignant Under the Skin Michel Faber ß He really is a challenging and wonderful writer For those who may have only read Crimson Petal and the White , Michel Faber offers alot in his short stories They are dark,funny and visceral Vanilla Bright like Eminem [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸ ¾ Vanilla Bright like Eminem ó It s not a five star book because some of his endings really fall flat There are a lot of quick one line descriptions of what the protagonist sets off to do next leaving home and never turning back or, conversely, setting off in safety back home , that I get flashbacks to HS creative writing classes However, Faber is so amazing at distilling certain feelings from bizarre situations that I couldn t put the book down I was so engrossed that I accidentally got on the Purple Line and ended up in Evanston Michel Faber ó [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸ Ü Vanilla Bright like Eminem Ô I give up What the hell do I want from my fiction Faber makes sentences like BMW makes cars But I don t like them For some reason, his stories aren t catching on me and I don t know why I admire his ability to see turning points in people s lives, to write credibly about people in different and uncommon circumstance, and his magnificently smooth and precise writing But I remain unhooked Perhaps it s the short story genre, perhaps I crave a Hollywood happy ending or some third act resolution that he s determined to deny me, but this is my third Faber disappointment and every time my respect for him has risen Contradictory, frustrating, and ambiguous Michel Faber Ô [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸ Ó Vanilla Bright like Eminem á I don t usually love short stories, but Faber s acute slices of life are visceral and flooded with emotion You never quite get what s going on but you can almost choke on the characters dread or elation He is a master at distilling and expressing what is unspeakable Michel Faber á [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸

Ó Vanilla Bright like Eminem ì Strange collection Some were very good Others too weird for my taste Michel Faber ì [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸ ↠´ Vanilla Bright like Eminem ↠´ Although the stories in this book don t match the menacing power of Faber s Under the Skin, it s still a decent collection Faber is clearly not afraid to take risks There is quite a range to these stories, but they can be loosely grouped into three roughly equally represented categories stories set in a vaguely dystopic future stories set in the present with a setting or premise that is unusual or a little extreme stories set in the present with a completely quotidian setting An example of the second category is Finesse , in which a totalitarian dictator needs to undergo a risky operation to survive, and finds that the doctor most capable of performing the surgery successfully is a woman he consigned to a detention camp years before, Anot [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸ Vanilla Bright like Eminem ☆ I thought this collection of short stories was very uneven, and almost didn t finish it because I disliked the first few so much There s a lot of Dystopian angst, and unresolved endings which I loved in The Crimson Petal and the White , but did not like here Michel Faber ☆ The stories in this book that I did like were Flesh Remains Flesh and The Smallness of the Action both very Roald Dahl like, especially the second one I also enjoyed Tabitha Warren and Vanilla Bright like Eminem I would like to read the book that starts from the story All Black Because of these stories, especially Smallness I gave the book 3 stars Without that story it would have dropped to 2 Michel Faber ☆ If you do pick up this book, just skip Explaining Coconuts It s the worst short story I think I have ever read Michel Faber ☆ [Michel Faber] Î Vanilla Bright like Eminem [academic PDF] read Online ¸

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