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Shadows Over Baker Street ☆ Hay m s cosas en el cielo y en la tierra, Horacio, de las que sue as con tu filosof a Un crossover imaginativo, delicioso y obscuro para los fans de Lovecraft, de Doyle o en mi caso, de ambos Puedo destacar varios autores de esta compilaci n, Gaiman, Brite , sin embargo en general todos los cuentos son de alta manufactura, bien logrados Lo recomiendo para aquellos que no podemos quedarnos con las ganas de so ar y atormentarnos con los mitos de Cthulhu Ygnaiih, ygnaiih Yog Sothoth ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves Ü Shadows Over Baker Street Ü A wondeful anthology filled to the brim with fascinating and creepy tales Well worth buying ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves Sherlock Holmes Enters The Nightmare World Of HP LovecraftNew Tales Of Terror What Would Happen If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle S Peerless Detective, Sherlock Holmes, And His Allies Were To Find Themselves Faced With Lovecraftian Mysteries Whose Solutions Lay Not Only Beyond The Grasp Of Logic, But Beyond Sanity Itself In This Collection Of original Tales, Twenty Of Today S Cutting Edge Writers Provide Answers To That Burning QuestionContributors Include Neil Gaiman, Brian Stableford, Poppy Z Bright, Barbara Hambly, Steve Perry, And Caitlin R Kierman These And Other Masters Of Horror, Mystery, Fantasy And Science Fiction Spin Dark Tales Within A Terrifyingly Surreal UniverseIncludes The Hugo Award Winning Story A Study In Emerald By Neil GaimanCover Design David StevensonCover Illustration John Jude Palencar ✓ Shadows Over Baker Street ✓ How could this book possibly go wrong Cthulhu is awesome Sherlock Holmes is awesome Put them together, and you ought to get double the awesome And yet, only a few of the stories managed to strike a balance between the two worlds that actually works A Study In Emerald, by Neil Gaiman, is by far the best story in the collection and reason enough to buy the book all on its own Michael Reaves ✓ Though the other stories tend to pale in comparison, there are a handful that are worth reading, and a couple that are so horrible that they aren t worth the paper they re printed on But the good outweigh the bad, and it s a bizarre enough concept that it s worth owning a book devoted to it Michael Reaves ✓ ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves Ô Shadows Over Baker Street Ô I d love to give it 5 stars, but I feel there s only so much pastiche can achieve, even if it is as inspired as the short stories in this collection Now, that said, if they were all on par with Neil Gaiman s A Study in Emerald , I d be whining that I couldn t go up to 6 stars begging for another installment Michael Reaves ✓ When I first read this collection about a year ago I liked it well enough, being much well versed on the Lovecraft side of the equation than the Holmes But credit the Guy Richie film adaptation and a slew of Granada television dramatizations with the excellent Jeremy Brett for rekindling my interest in London s best only consulting detective Michael Reaves ✓ With a little Holmes under my belt, both from the original sources and the distillations, I hav ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves ã Shadows Over Baker Street ã Shadows Over Baker Street presented me with a real dilemma, because I felt as though such a scattershot mix of stories couldn t really be boiled down to one rating In the end, however, the sheer number of bad stories simply tipped things in favor of a two star rating Michael Reaves ã For the uninitiated, the book is a collection of short stories in which the formulaic mythos fiction of H Michael Reaves ã P Lovecraft and others collides with the world of Sherlock Holmes We are, in principle, to expect Holmesian deductive reasoning to be pitted against unfathomable eldrich forces, a face off that while hardly literature promises to at least be good popcorn reading Michael Reaves ã To be clear, a handful of the stories are actually excellent The principle piece A Study In Emerald is very strong, but it can be acquired for free elsewhere in a much classier format, weakening the ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves ☆ Shadows Over Baker Street ☆ Oh man Michael Reaves ☆ I love A Study In Emerald Love it I ve read some of the other stories in the book and have liked them pretty well, but I love A Study In Emerald Michael Reaves ☆ In case you don t know this is basically a collection of stories that break down to being Sherlock Holmes vs Cthulu And the first story is A Study In Emerald by author Neil Gaiman It s brilliant It shows why Neil Gaiman is a master of his craft It s chilling and thought provoking and just great Michael Reaves ☆ Like I said I ve read a few of the other stories but since I don t really have any history with Lovecraft stories I don t really have any point of reference Which is one of the reasons I like A Study In Emerald so much You don t really have to know much about the Elder Gods to get it I know that they re terrible monsters from the edge of sanity and I know that Sherlock Holmes is a detective that uses logic and s ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves Í Shadows Over Baker Street Í The ultimate pastiche Sherlock Holmes meets the denizens of H Michael Reaves Õ P Lovecraft s sinister universes Two writers who have not only been imitated, but whose characters settings have been used by countless others The combo is even better A Study in Emerald is just one of the many little gems in this book Probably best that you have read at least one Cthulu mythos tale first though just to know what is being lampooned or venerated Michael Reaves Õ ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves

↠´ Shadows Over Baker Street ↠´ Sombras sobre Baker Street Shadows Over Baker Street, 2003 , mezcla dos universos Por una parte, el creado por Arthur Conan Doyle y su gran detective Sherlock Holmes Y por otra, el creado por H Michael Reaves ↠´ P Lovecraft Cthulhu, el Necronomic n, los Primigenios, etc Ambos mundos me apasionan, y este libro lo ten a pendiente desde hacia mucho tiempo Resulta una mezcla un tanto variopinta, ya que Holmes siempre se ha caracterizado por su mente racional y por ser un descre do de todo lo sobrenatural Sin embargo, la idea del Gran Detective investigando casos en los que el horror m s abyecto est presente no pod a dejar escaparse Michael Reaves ↠´ La presente antolog a contiene dieciocho relatos que intentan conjugar lo mejor de ambos mundos El resultado, en mi opini n, es algo irregular Sin embargo, hay relatos r ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves ✓ Shadows Over Baker Street ✓ In the introduction to one of his Best New Horror guides, Stephen Jones writes that the premise of this book Sherlock Holmes meets H Michael Reaves ✓ P Michael Reaves ✓ Lovecraft is one of the silliest in recent times I disagree I think the idea of taking the character who believes When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, nust be the truth to the world of Cthulhu is one filled with possibilities Michael Reaves ✓ The style of the stories owes to Conan Doyle than to Lovecraft, and only some of them are as good as I d want them to be Barbara Hambly s The Adventure of The Antiquarian s Niece which also features Carnacki and John P Vourlis s A Case of Insomnia are both gripping tales But the real star of the show is Neil Gaiman s A Study In Emerald Michael Reaves ✓ Definitely worthwhile getting hold of if you re ever liked Holmes or Lovecraft Michael Reaves ✓ ô Shadows Over Baker Street à Download by ↠´ Michael Reaves

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