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Rob Hart Has Firmly Established Himself As One Of The Best Crime Writers Of His Generation With His Acclaimed Ash McKenna Series, And In TAKE OUT Hart Has CollectedStories Of Culinary Crime And Noir That Will Have You Savoring Every Deadly BiteIn The Title Story, A Gambler Falls Into Debt With The Enigmatic Owner Of A Chinatown Gambling Parlor, And Must Run Odd And Sometimes Dangerous Deliveries To Clear His Ledger In How To Make The Perfect New York Bagel, The Owner Of One Of New York City S Last Old School Bagel Shops Has To Defend His Storefront In The Past, From The Mob, And In The Present, From A Bank In Creampuff, A Bakery With The Hottest Pastry In Town Has To Hire A Bouncer To Control The Unruly Line, With Tragic Results In These Stories And , Some Never Before Published, Rob Hart Explores The Enticing And Dangerous Intersection Where Food And Hospitality Cross Paths With Crime And Noir Some Stories Are Funny Some Of Are Dark But Each One Will Leaving You Wanting Another Bite í Take-Out ¿ I don t think there was a single story in this anthology I disliked It definitely hit my personal sweet spot with the perfect cross section of food and fiction This helped me realize that short story collections are easily my most preferred format for reading Rob Hart ¿ Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart » Take-Out ↠´ With 16 tales to offer, Take Out has something for everyone Each a little twisted and dark, they bring us to the places where food and people meet Food can bring people together, it can cause pain when taken away, it can be how we show love, it can be used to feel better after a shitty day Throughout his stories Hart explores the gritty, dark and sometimes funny aspects of human nature He uses the world around him as his muse From Butcher s Block to Swipe Left, he takes current issues and puts his own spin on it He shows how the ugliness of society has always been there, once before it was the mafia, now its corporate greed He asks the hard question What length would you go to, to be able to start again And just when you think it s all dark, you come across Creampuff A feel good tale between the criminals and low li Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart í Take-Out  Loosely tied together by the theme of food, the sixteen stories contained in Take Out vary from crime stories to humor Rob Hart ½ While I enjoyed reading all the stories, my favorite was The Gift of the Wiseguy It s the story of a Mafioso s son who writes a memoir His father had ratted out his colleagues and entered witness protection twenty years earlier leaving his family behind This story has crime, twists and pathos The characters are well defined with clear motivations Due to its length, not a word is wasted Many of the other stories are also great reads Rob Hart ½ Take out is highly recommended to thriller readers 4 stars Thanks to Polis books for a copy in exchange for an honest review Rob Hart ½ Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart ☆ Take-Out ✓ When I first heard about this one I thought it was an anthology of food related crime stories to be edited by Rob Hart, but I soon learned my mistake I was still intrigued as to how Hart had written so many stories of this type and as I thought about some of the ones I had already read there did seem to be a pattern Here they are all presented together and some have muchto do with food than others as some tangentially hit on it whilst others revolve around restaurants or foodstuff How to Make the Perfect New York Bagel opens the collection wonderfully with it s nostalgic New York setting and a bagel shop owner fighting off past and present extortionists Foodies , The Gas Chamber and Bhut Jolokia are stories that I ve read elsewhere, but I still delved in again as Hart has a compelling narrative voice that really sucks yo Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart ✓ Take-Out À A dark twisty and delicious collection of short stories loosely tied together by its centerpiece food Rob Hart ✓ Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart ☆ Take-Out ê Sometimes things seem to come at you from behind and suddenly form recognizable patterns Rob Hart ↠´ In the introduction to his short story collection, TAKE OUT AND OTHER TALES OF CULINARY CRIME, the accomplished American fiction writer Rob Hart claims not to have noticed, at first, that a tight and edgy cluster of tales written since 2012 all coalesced like dried blood around a food noir theme Rob Hart ↠´ Once that was pointed out, the 16 titles became a natural recipe for his latest book While most have appeared previously in a number of mystery and crime anthologies or periodicals, Hart also includes three never before published ones to whet the forensic appetites of his genre aficionados Rob Hart ↠´ Now, as we all know from mainstream TV and movies, the best criminal plots involve deception and adroit intellectual reversals, that sudden realization that a key player has been blindsided And to keep up, our expectati Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart Ê Take-Out ò Disclaimer I received an ARC of this book via a Twitter giveaway by the author Rob Hart ì Rob Hart is best known for his Ash McKenna series of detective crime novels, and rightfully so, but TAKE OUT shows off a different side of the author Despite the subtitle promising Tales of Culinary Crime, the stories within occasionally veer off on unexpected but welcome detours into other genres There s the horror tinged Lake Paradox and Butcher s Block the broad if dark comedy of Knock Off and Drone the Serling esque morality plays of Foodies and Bhut Jolokia and the quiet character study of Creampuff, in my opinion the collection s high point, an elegiac tribute to a gradually disappearing version of the Greatest City in the World and the unique, indeli Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart ✓ Take-Out ✓ Sixteen tales of twisted modern noir They do center around a food theme, but they are still dark and twisted From mafia shakedowns to last death row requests to ferocious bakery lines to food channel cook offs gone psycho, Hart gives us a whole lot of fun Dig in Rob Hart ✓ Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart ò Take-Out À 3 Rob Hart ò 5 stars Food and crime is an interesting combination Meals and recipes are used to advance the plot of a story and in a way, define, and humanise the characters These characteristics make Rob Hart s collection of sixteen stories a provocative journey straight into the depths of a pleasurable and less pleasurable darkness Rob Hart ò Most of the stories have been appeared previously in mystery and crime anthologies and periodicals Three of them have never been published New York appears to be the the city where these two passions food and crime collide Life and death are often intertwined, you never know when you were having your last meal, and it is this that speaks better than anything else could, to the gravity of a good meal Food becomes an important experience, sometimes a macabre one Rob Hart ò Hart s world take place at the back alleys and sound proofed rooms, at bagel shops and at food trucks, at h Trailer ¹ Take-Out PDF by Ì Rob Hart

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