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Mireille Duval Jameson Is Living A Fairy Tale The Strong Willed Youngest Daughter Of One Of Haiti S Richest Sons, She Has An Adoring Husband, A Precocious Infant Son, By All Appearances A Perfect Life The Fairy Tale Ends One Day When Mireille Is Kidnapped In Broad Daylight By A Gang Of Heavily Armed Men, In Front Of Her Father S Port Au Prince Estate Held Captive By A Man Who Calls Himself The Commander, Mireille Waits For Her Father To Pay Her Ransom As It Becomes Clear Her Father Intends To Resist The Kidnappers, Mireille Must Endure The Torments Of A Man Who Resents Everything She RepresentsAn Untamed State Is A Novel Of Privilege In The Face Of Crushing Poverty, And Of The Lawless Anger That Corrupt Governments Produce It Is The Story Of A Wilful Woman Attempting To Find Her Way Back To The Person She Once Was, And Of How Redemption Is Found In The Most Unexpected Of Places An Untamed State Establishes Roxane Gay As A Writer Of Prodigious, Arresting Talent ↠´ An Untamed State ↠´ A profound and heart achingly beautiful novel about one woman s journey through hell and back Roxane Gay ↠´ Roxane Gay ↠´ I have to start off by saying that this book is not for everyone There are graphic, sexual assault scenes that could be triggering for certain individuals This book takes place in Haiti and it details a woman s experience in captivity In the beginning of the book, Gay sets a dark overtone for the reader immediately The protagonist, Miri is dragged out of her car by armed men directly in front of her husband and child Her captors notify Miri s father that ransom is 1,000,000 U Roxane Gay ↠´ S dollars and that is final Miri s father is a man of great pride and doesn t want to negotiate with animals , thus refusing to pay his daughter s ransom Thus begins Miri s thirteen day imprisonment Roxane Gay ↠´ Although I gave this book five stars, it was not an easy read for me There were mom [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú Ý An Untamed State Ý Disappointing read Powerful subject matter reduced to Lifetime movie worthy prose Gay has a need to make every line a grand pronouncement, every scene worthy of a Tumblr like I found the book to be very emotionally manipulative along the lines of a Nicholas Sparks novel I hope no one confuses what I m saying as a critique of emotions pursuant to kidnapping, or rape, or PTSD, or Miri s feelings about the horror she went through I have no qualms with any of that I am taking issue with the way Gay put all of this down on paper Roxane Gay Ý All we read were Miri s jusifiable feelings, in the moment, on her treatment and abuse I wanted to see how Miri worked through it, really worked through it emotionally Gay relied far too much on dramatic, action packed scenes grabbing keys and sprinting away from the house and driving across the country her purse and everything she needed magically ap [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú ☆ An Untamed State ☆ Favorite Book of the YearToday I noticed a weird bruise on my finger After talking myself down from a leukemia diagnosis, I finally figured out it was a Kindle related injury I had gripped my Kindle so hard while reading An Untamed State that I bruised my finger That s how powerful this book is it can cause bruises Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase, this book is gripping To quote another reviewer, what a mother fucking masterpiece The book grabs you immediately, and with each chapter tightens its grip on your time, your soul, your life and your finger A young, rich Haitian woman named Mireille is kidnapped by a gang of men one who is particularly sadistic and is relentlessly raped and tortured for 13 days The cri [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú ☆ An Untamed State ☆ Once upon a time, in a far off land, I was kidnapped by a gang of fearless yet terrified young men with so much impossible hope beating inside their bodies it burned their very skin and strengthened their will right through their bones Roxane Gay ☆ They held me captive for thirteen days Roxane Gay ☆ They wanted to break me Roxane Gay ☆ It was not personal Roxane Gay ☆ I was not broken Roxane Gay ☆ This is what I tell myself So begins this book Mireille and her husband Michael along with her toddler son are visiting her family in Haiti A group of men kidnap her in broad daylight Her family has money and influence in her homeland and they want a million dollars for her return Her father refuses to negotiate with them They keep her for thirteen long days Torture, rape and pain surround this woman so that she refuses to admit who she is any That woman died to her This book is not for everyone I do admit that, but i [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú Å An Untamed State Å Audiobook narrated by Robin Miles once again, I love Robin Miles terrific narrator Mireille s father left the island of Haiti with nothing and returned with everything a wife, children, and wealth It was easy for her father to overlook Haiti s painful truths a country of poverty, corruption, heatand even the gossip of how everyone was into everyone else s business Mireille s mother remembered she was resistant to return to Haiti However, Mireille s mother followed her husband s dreams, making his important than considering having any of her own It wasn t until Mireille was is taken away from her own husband and child that she realized they were all going to pay the price for her father s dreams I thought back to this moment many times trying to figure out what does Mireille mean exactly It was a question I sat with [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú ☆ An Untamed State ☆ Find all of my reviews atOnce upon a time, my life was a fairy tale and then I was stolen from everything I ve ever loved There was no happily ever after After days of dying, I was deadYou ever find yourself wanting to read something that makes you look a little like this If so, then An Untamed State might be the book for you While vacationing at her parents mansion in Haiti, Mireille and her husband decide to take their baby to the beach Once their car is past the safety of the gates they find themselves surrounded by armed men and Mireille is kidnapped Over the course of 13 days Mireille is terrorized while waiting for her father to pay the demanded ransom which he refuses to do on principal This is the story of one woman s struggle to survive and the price she paid in order to do soThe body adapts, but the mind has limitsWho else didn t like this book Just me Alrighty then Oh wait, [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú An Untamed State ✓ The reviews and cover blurbs led me to expect a serious literary tale of kidnapping and the class divisions between the wealthy and poor in Haiti But what I got instead was a Lifetime movie of the week There s certainly nothing wrong with Lifetime movies if you know that s what to expect Chapters alternated between the present day kidnapping and flashbacks to the past, mostly telling the tale of when Mireille and her husband met and married The scenes with the kidnappers were brutal and graphic, and totally incongruent with the chapters that dealt with the romance backstory The dialogue and actions between Mireille and her boyfriend husband were extremely cringe worthy and juvenile in tone, not what one expects from two adult professionals This was a case of the verbi [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú ç An Untamed State ç People will tell you this book is about a kidnapping about the life before for its heroine, Mireille, and about the life after People will tell you this book about Haiti about another lightning rod that divides asunder class It is about these things It s about many other things, also Depending on who you are, you may need a trigger warning, a stiff drink, a shower when you re reading and after I just needed silence And then I needed to talk A lot Not about the book, but about a ton of things I d been bottling up For me, this book was a call to action It demands that you speak up Roxane Gay ç For me, An Untamed State is about what a woman absorbs It s about the things she keeps quiet to protect those she most ferociously loves It s about a willingness to die and come back from the dead, to run and be brave enough to return Mireille emerges from 13 days of unimaginable, horrifying capti [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú ó An Untamed State ó An Untamed Heart by Roxane Gay is a beautifully written novel about one woman s fight to stay alive, set in Haiti Mireille Duval Jameson was kidnapped by a gang of heavily armed men in broad daylight Roxane Gay ó Mirelle is the daughter of one of the richest men in Haiti she strong willed will not be beaten but can Mirielle strong will get above the sexual torture she has to endure or will the kidnappers break her This was quite a disturbing read I actually had to go past the sexual abuse when it came around was a bit confronting, all in all a compelling novel was very atmospheric a well written Roxane Gay ó [Roxane Gay] ¸ An Untamed State [dogs PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú

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