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Î Peak ↠´ As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist reading this, I appreciated the blend of a holistic approach with science based evidence The book was described as a resource for coaches and athletes, but I personally feel most coaches and athletes who don t already have a fundamental understanding of nutrition will have a hard time reading this The first few chapters were quite technical and I had a hard time getting into it I found a lot of info was repeated throughout the book in chapter after chapter, and while the info certainly was relevant to the chapter, I don t think it needed to be repeated in each chapter it was relevant to Overall a fantastic read and I am happy to be part of this industry with the direction its heading Marc Bubbs Ï Trailer ↠´ Peak PDF by ✓ Marc Bubbs ↠´ Peak Ç Super impressed with the thoughtfulness that went into the planning and writing of this book HOnestly I didn t really know what to expect from Dr Bubbs, who trained as a naturopath I have no clinical experience with naturopaths at all But this book is amazing, not only for athletes, but for anyone who wants to live life with as much vitality as possible It goes through the current scientific knowledge on the keystone foundations of sleep, nutrition, physical training, recovery, and brain health This is a great handbook for just living life Trailer ↠´ Peak PDF by ✓ Marc Bubbs º Peak ß Not fun to read, highly technical, discordant writing without citing sources Written by men for men only cites male althletes and male dominated sports Not worth finishing Marc Bubbs ë Trailer ↠´ Peak PDF by ✓ Marc Bubbs ô Peak » Some would like to think that health and fitness are the same thing Unfortunately, this is not true There are numerous cases of athletes who have performed at a high level during their careers at the cost of good health Dr Marc Bubb s book Peak is the first technical book I have read that allowed the two qualities to coexist in the same chapter I do not know why this has taken so long Inside the pages of this book the latest training, nutrition, and recovery practices are shared for individual as well as team sports In particular, I was most interested in carbohydrate periodization as an endurance training practice and team halftime nutrition for team sports While I do recommend this I will agree that it might be a bit technical for most readers Marc Bubbs » Trailer ↠´ Peak PDF by ✓ Marc Bubbs Peak ↠´ Wanted to give this a lower review because at times it dived into so much detail it was painful However, right about the time to give up, it would have a precious nugget of information Valuable information for those that want details For those of us not into that much depth, the higher level themes are very good but getting to them is a challenge Marc Bubbs Ê Trailer ↠´ Peak PDF by ✓ Marc Bubbs Á Peak Ý Very well put together book focus is on elite athletesthan recreational, it gets a little heady and overly specific for the recreational As a trainer and coach though it is a must read he does switch around the meaning of football at times which is quite annoying american football vs futbol Trailer ↠´ Peak PDF by ✓ Marc Bubbs An Integrated And Personalized Approach To Health, Nutrition, Training, Recovery, And Mindset There Is A New Revolution Happening In Sports As And Athletes Are Basing Their Success On This Game Changing Combination Health, Nutrition, Training, Recovery, And Mindset Unfortunately, The Evidence Based Techniques That The Expert PhDs, Academic Institutions, And Professional Performance Staffs Follow Can Be In Stark Contrast To What Many Athletes Actually Practice When Combined With The Noise Of Social Media, Old School Traditions, And Bro Science, It Can Be Difficult To Separate Fact From FictionPeak Is A Groundbreaking Book Trailer Peak Exploring The Fundamentals Of High Performance Not The Fads , The Importance Of Consistency Not Extreme Effort , And The Value Of Patience Not Rapid Transformation Dr Marc Bubbs Makes Deep Science Easy To Understand, And With Information From Leading Experts Who Are Influencing The Top Performers In Sports On How To Achieve World Class Success, He Lays Out The Record Breaking Feats Of Athleticism And Strategies That Are Rooted In This Personalized ApproachDr Bubbs S Performance Protocol Is For The Elite Athlete, Active Individual, Strength Coach, Nutritionist, Or Practitioner Who Wants To Expand Their Potential By Connecting The Importance Of Sleep, Digestion, The Athlete Microbiome, And Blood Glucose Control Metrics Creating Personalized Deep Nutrition Strategies For Building Muscle, Burning Fat, Or Making Weight For Competition Rethinking Nutrition Specifically For Team Sports Learning How Elite Endurance Athletes Fuel, Including Training Techniques To Boost Performance Applying The New Science Of Recovery That Enhances Performance Emphasizing The Tremendous Role Of Emotional Intelligence And Mindset In Overcoming Roadblocks And Achieving Athletic Success The Next Frontier In Performance Analyzing The Qualities Of Elite Leaders And How To Develop Them Authentically Dr Bubbs Expertly Brings Together The Worlds Of Health, Nutrition, And Exercise And Synthesizes The Salient Science Into Actionable Guidance Regardless If You Re Trying To Improve Your Physique, Propel Your Endurance, Or Improve Your Team S Record, Looking At Performance Through This Lens Is Absolutely Critical For Lasting Success

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